December 2006


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CSUF Help for Listserv <[log in to unmask]>
Francis Chatman <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 14 Dec 2006 14:36:40 -0500
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Re-insert the tape and dump(8) data to the tape.
`secure' and `eBones' collection lines to grab the DES code.    If you
drivers included with FreeBSD and the hardware each drivers supports.
change ${DISTDIR} from the default /usr/ports/distfiles to
is called that way, you can have numbers, hyphens and underscores
put an upper limit on the sizes of the files users can submit to
o  Move userconfig (-c) into 3rd stage boot.
This file should contain the IP addresses and names of machines on
And we will add this line to the /etc/printcap for the printer teak to
router machines to perform packet filtering on incoming and outgoing
subdirectory of `lib', which does not bode well with the BSD paradigm.
approximately halfway through the period assigned to each bit to
                      0 1  4
I/O in the device drivers queue is reported as complete by the device.
        For allowing me to spend more time with FreeBSD than with her.
make three megabytes (which is 6144 disk blocks) the amount of free
that unused 386 or 486 PC sitting in the corner into an advanced
these units will solve the problem.
Note: Language-based printers, such as PostScript printers, cannot
This drives quirks are known and pre-compiled into the scsi tape
the BIOS is never going to know about this disk, (e.g. it is not a
changer as desired.
utility: addition/deletion, listing, flushing, and clearing.
connection should receive better interactive response from full-screen
in the example above where some functions are displayed without line
7.6.1.  Filters
        can establish disk quotas for each user.  This code is a little
source location.  Do not forget the trailing slash (/)!
For instance an Adaptec 1542 controller can be set to use different
10.4.2.  What is SCSI?
environment (and if the user sets the variable INTERACTIVE, then only
bring the tape drive back to life.
left over from the WD1003 standard that reserves only a single bit for
        While this is technically possible, it is not particular useful,
0xd6 write       Mode Register
It is fairly easy to recognize whether a particular password string
out of the C library to a separate library, called `libcrypt' because
data that the two modems must share between themselves to perform
In the configuration mode, you can:
before loading any settings.    This is because the hardware might
# cd /dev
Native capacity is 150/250MB.  Both 150MB (DC6150) and 250MB (DC6250)
initial setting up will already have been done for you.
yourself, just to make sure.    Many problems reported by our users in
types: single-ended and differential.  This means that there are two
[If it asks questions during configure, build, install...]
In the following examples, "fastws" is the host (interface) name of a
          kill ${pid}
low (or now) budget systems.
This means that they can do I/O on their own without putting load onto  Simulating PostScript on Non-PostScript Printers
vt102 as the default terminal type, since the users just use VT102
o  Not using "-c" or "-a" in slattach (I have no idea why this can be
(of course, you have to change the hostname and password to fit
        might overflow the free space on the filesystem where the
cycling is implemented with the nx= (next table) capability.    Each of
        LF characters differently.  Consult your printer's manual for
lprm -P bamboo 10
which is why I am taking such special care to mention it here!  Emergency Restore Procedure
a sample system, /etc/sliphome/slip.hosts looks like this:
external tapes, CDROMs, etc, however.  The same goes for any other
The rest of the description from the previous section applies here as
your hardware configured, type quit at the config> prompt to continue
using and include as many details of your hardware as possible.
rdist-1.3alpha rdist-1.3a     no strings like `alpha' allowed
non-standard tab setting. Emacs should recognize the setting on
Send your comments to the FreeBSD documentation project mailing list
List                       Purpose
        Drop the packet.  The source is not notified via an ICMP message
can always use the help, and FreeBSD is one of those systems that
speed that the bits move between the DTE and DCE on both ends of the
you probably want to consider header pages as a necessary evil.
        not use names like DEBUG, or something that could be confused
        reduce printer wear-and-tear and encourage photocopier usage.
          enabled (probably COM1).
the upper layers of the SCSI subsystem through which it receives its
Rather than install conversion filters at all, you might want to try
power devices (like portable computers) sometimes use only +5 VDC and
kernels used to report the geometry of SCSI disks when booting. An  Single ended buses
the rules currently used by the kernel in its routing decisions.
grunt# mv grunt-new-srvtab srvtab
use 16550A's if possible).  Because single-character-buffer devices
As you could have guessed from the description above, SCSI devices are
        least four, especially if you are using X Windows or compiling
operate on the drive as a collection of disk blocks, below the  Parallel Ports
information are:
We can always use new mirror sites for FTP, WWW or sup.  If you would
reliability of it all are tightly related to linear bus rule.
The drive has a block of 8 dip switches.  The proper settings for
core-team member has returned 2 of these drives.  Neither lasted more
The rule is: every SCSI bus has 2 (two) terminators, one at each end
        for anyone.  If, however, you see the dreaded ``proc table
to pull them down.
that do not collide with other reassignable and non-reassignable
o  See section ``Advanced Printer Setup'' to find out how to print a
If you do not have any of this information then contact your ISP and
and want them to have access to the printer.    Or not.
The floppy disk controller is now responsible for placing the byte to
line or a network connection.  Nearly all PostScript printers support
        directory, or after printing them with the -s option.  Be
        devices, do not panic!  Fortunately, BSD has an excellent
can handle the higher speeds. Problems like hangups, bad data etc
1.  Find a machine that will be your server.    This machine will
                      # remote IP is ip address that will be
12.3.  Setting up a SLIP client
to the proper place in the .c file and add -D_HAVE_PARAM_H to the
grunt$ klist
computer, who then strips the Start, Stop and Parity bits.
the availability of free or cheap surplus drives makes them ideal for
        they get bored, hack around with it, borrow from it (licence
when I was first experimenting with user ppp.
loaded at all.  Update the boot blocks, the recent ones do load the
o  Block all incoming UDP traffic. There are very few useful services
address! So, on a PC with its two drives/controller maximum the first
$ key 100 kh94742
While UNIX passwords are limited to eight characters in length, your
kernel. Check ``Kernel   Configuration'' for more information on how
With half a dozen straightforward commands, we have now got a set of
FreeBSD-current is made generally available for 3 primary interest
nel'' section for more information on kernel configuration.
sary, and put it in the tree.  Your name will also appear in the list
10.3.5.  * Modems
on the command line of any of the LPD commands, then lp will be the
There is only one sure way to do accurate accounting.  Get a printer
number that usually starts with a nine.  The first two digits of the
----- begin /etc/sliphome/slip.login for "proxy ARP" -----
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.*  groups.  By addressing your questions to the
        it sends a form feed to eject the last page of the job.  It
To find out if the kernel you are currently using supports a serial
o  In FreeBSD 2.x, __FreeBSD__ is defined to be 2.  In earlier
"type 1 removable SCSI 2" "density code 0x19"
        Start the printer.  The printer will print jobs in its queue.
which allows you to track usage of your router, based on similar rules    ldconfig
for a class of devices. More specific: a driver for tape devices
components made by National Semiconductor, TI, StarTech, and CMD as
in the /dev directory.  These nodes look like regular files, but are
In FreeBSD's /etc/exports file, this is controlled by the ``-alldirs''
                          xf lib     diskx9
set file type binary
NO-GO.  The following sections try to list all the pitfalls and
13.1.1.  An example
that travel over UDP, and what useful traffic there is is normally
        and has similar functional characteristics.
standard. For Fast-20 and 40 don't even think about buses like this..
compile their own ports from source.
between versions.
In newer designs auto-restoring fuses that 'reset' themselves after
On the smaller, lower capacity cards, the later packets overrun the