December 2006


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Dana Plummer <[log in to unmask]>
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CSUF Help for Listserv <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 30 Dec 2006 01:55:49 -0500
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which will go through all the ports subdirectories and delete
port anyways.
number are the year, and the last two digits are the week in that year
cause of a Framing Error is that the sender and receiver clocks were
                 Bit 0     Interrupt Pending Bit
targets `pre-<something>' or `post-<something>', or put scripts with
If you prefer, LPD can make a short header; specify sb (short banner)
options  QUOTA
(yes, that really is a dot on its own after the cp command and not a
writes an accounting entry in the accounting file.  The entries look
The first two lines specify the default route (which we will cover in
W       WasCloned Indicated a route that was auto-configured based upon
                      If Bit 0 is set to "1" (FIFOs enabled),
how many bytes are to be transferred is decremented.
/etc/sysconfig file.
program that sends data to the printer.  This is advantageous since
bus width is negotiated between the devices. You have to watch your
providing vital functions such as NFS (remote file access) and e-
have work.
renamed to srvtab so that all the server can pick it up.  Use the mv
This section describes some miscellaneous hardware devices supported
        device ze0 at isa? port 0x300 net irq 5 iomem 0xd8000 vector reports.
is a 34 pin flat cable edge connector that carries the command and
device vt0 at isa? port ``IO_KBD'' tty irq 1 vector pcrint
collection to your CDROM'' during the FreeBSD installation, the
PORTSDIR=/u/people/guests/wurzburger/ports make install
the same argument lists and exit codes.
                      to generate an interrupt when the
mandatory now, even if ${NO_PACKAGE} is set.
LINT will actually get you to a working kernel at all.
method of installation requires quite a bit of temporary storage.  You
set line /dev/modem
        LF characters differently.  Consult your printer's manual for
Please refer to ``Configuring the FreeBSD Kernel'' for help in
config file.    This is deprecated, use only if you want a crash dump
-P argument.    Again, if you are testing a printer that expects
        exit 2
10.4.12.  * PCMCIA
vp|VH9600|Very High Speed Modem at 9600,8-bit:\
ident    MINI
how Makefiles work; suffice it to say that the lines starting with
need something else to be installed before you can work, detect this
        possible, bugs should be submitted using "send-pr".
Finally, running pac -s will save the summary information in a summary
status bits in some other port may not update in the same amount of
ested in helping with this project, send email to the FreeBSD documen-
This is a mini-cartridge tape drive.
First, a note about terminology: if a printer is stopped, it will not
ttyc2    "/usr/libexec/getty std.38400"     unknown   on insecure
This is a DDS-2 tape drive.  DDS-2 means hardware data compression and
static host network.    For dynamic hostname assignments (i.e., your
to send a complete byte plus Start, Stop and Parity bits.  Most UARTs
Note that psof does not charge for header pages.
                 Bit 6     Ring Indicator (RI)
person should be the porter or someone who can forward questions to the
For plain text jobs, the problem's not that hard to solve: you count
simply converted into a -D switch for the CFLAGS line of the kernel