firstname - Connor

  lastname - Chennault

  email - [log in to unmask]

  phonenumber - 5594102266

  relationshipwiththeuniversity - Student

  whattypeoffeedbackdoyouhaveforus - omment

  feedback - Tried sending an email to the email listed above but it said that there was no such email existing.

Good Afternoon! 

My name is Connor Chennault, (300130884) I am a transfer student from West Hills College in Coalinga. I have signed up for my classes already but I am waitlisted for my last class that I would need for this semester and it is an asynchronous  class. I was wondering who I have to contact to try and cash the class? If there is anything I could do to speed up this process, or get this class sooner I would appreciate it. 

Thank you for your time, 

Connor Chennault
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