firstname - Rachel

  lastname - Pimentel

  email - [log in to unmask]

  phonenumber - 5593997221

  relationshipwiththeuniversity - Student

  whattypeoffeedbackdoyouhaveforus - Complaint

  feedback - I am a transfer student beginning at Fresno State this Fall. I’ve been trying to set up an appointment with an advisor for over a month now. Have I received any help? Nope. It’s ridiculous that I’ve contacted and emailed so many people back and forth to try and get help, yet no one has done anything to help me. Nothing. I’m extremely disappointed as a new student at this University. It’s hard to stay optimistic about this University when I’ve had no guidance after countless requests and time. Something needs to change as the current system is nowhere near effective. It is now a week before the semester begins, and I still do not have the answers I need.