Minin-g S.ector -_--- De'lta UPDAT E
H.O-T SECTOR_: A._dditional inform+a+tion on (O_'T_C: DM-XC) D+M_X.C is expe+cte.d to arri ve s-o-o*n,.
F*o.r t+hose of y,o u w+h_o curr*ent'ly o,w-n t-h*i,s co+mpany t-h-i,s w_i'l-l be g reat n e,w's,.
F+o*r tho-se t+h_a't do n't c_ur+rently o,w_n t-h'i-s co.m+pany, y,o'u n'e.e'd to g-e t in on t,h*i s n,o-w'.
T,h e comp,any recent*l'y trad_ed as h'i-g_h as .,1,3 a,n*d w-i't*h a.n_y s.ig nificant n+e'w+s shoul d be a_b*l'e
to s*e+e (-i-f n.o't e*xceed) thos,e price*s C o+ntact y.o+u,r b,roker n.o.w', don',t m_i*s.s t.h,i.s
opportunit,-y in D-M-X.C,!