Bank of America
Reduce the number of bills you pay and potentially save- with one low monthly payment
The Debt-Free PlanŽ Account from Bank of America
In 10 minutes or less, you could be approved for a personal loan up to $35,0001
to help pay off your high-rate credit card debts2 or any other bills you may have.
With a non-variable APR, your rate won't automatically fluctuate when the Prime
Rate changes, giving you one predictable payment that could save you money
each month.3
Pay off your bills and see how much lower your
monthly payments could be.
  Samples are based on the account qualifying for 8.99% APR; the payments   will be higher if the account is approved with a higher APR. APR increases   or additional advances will lengthen term or increase payments.
 bullet  bullet  bullet  bullet  bullet  bullet
 $35,000 n/a $927 $774 $672 $600
 $25,000 $846 $663 $553 $480 n/a
 $15,000 $508 $398 $332 $288 n/a
 $10,000 $339 $265 $221 n/a n/a
 $5,000 $170 $133 $111 n/a n/a
All payment amounts and terms are estimates based on an APR of 8.99%.
Your APR may be higher. We will set your APR between 8.99% and 24.99%
based on creditworthiness. You will pay a 3% transaction fee on each
advance (minimum fee $5; there is no maximum). See terms and conditions
below for additional information on APR and transaction fee.
Upon approval, we can even deposit the money directly to your checking account, and you can continue to request more money against your available credit.4 Not only could you save on interest charges, you'll also build a re-accessible cash reserve.
Applying is fast and easy, and there's no application fee or annual fee. Apply online and get a decision within minutes, or call the number below today.
Apply online now >>
Or call 1.888.457.2543
And mention code FAAY7Z
  Apply online now >>  
Or call 1.888.457.2543
And mention code FAAY7Z
bullet Fast and easy application process
bullet Instant online application decision
bullet One predictable monthly payment
bullet Non-variable rate that won't automatically fluctuate3
bullet No annual fee, no application fee, no collateral required: No property or assets needed to apply.