Hello, dear friend!

     My name is Ronald Bass, I'm the "Topl Ex LTD" official representative in the United States of America. Our company
 creates and delivers  different sets of ancient furniture  worldwide.

      Regarding  a customer base expansion in USA, we have some vacancies in US branch. A part time job in a SALES
MANAGER position. And for this position  we are searching for 25-60 year old people.
The general responsibility is recieving' payments from our customers on your mailing adress and wiring the funds to our Chief Sales Manager in Europe.
The salary for such kind of job is 1700 $ per month or 7 % off each transaction.
The general requirements: good communicative skills and ability to work in team. Ability to keep interests of the company s  more than your own.
US citizenship.

      We looked through some resumes  in the Internet  and we can offer you the job in Topl Ex LTD.
If you are interested in getting this position, all you  need is  to e-mail your resume  for reconfirmation and your contact
 information at: [log in to unmask]
 Best regards,
 Topl Ex LTD Team