T+h.i_s Tues_day i.t-s CYTV!*!!
G-e-t on C+Y,T V Fir-st Th*ing on TUE -SDAY, i.t-' s goi'ng to exploa*d!
C_omp-any: CH*INA YO_UTV C_O R-P (-O'T'C BB:CYTV.O'+B)
Symbo_l: C,Y+T V
Curr,ent Price.: $-0,..4_6
Mon*day Move': ('U*p Over(12.20'%_)
T*h,e p.rice is at a m-inimum it w-i.l,l b_o,o*m on Tuesd_ay!
Recommen-dation-: "S_TRONG,-BUY" sta.rt_ing on Tu esda_y, AUGUS.T 1_4,, 2'0'0.6+.
Bre_a+king N+e,w_s.:
Chin a Yo'uTV's CnBo-o W.e*b S*i*t e Rank-s N-o ._1 on Mi-.crosoft L'i_v+e Searc_h Engin e
Ag*gresi*ve Tra'ders
G-e,t in e+arly, t h.i-s o+n,e c+a'n f*l'i,p h i-g_h retu-rns f-a_s't..
Setti-ng t_h e w-ards of Spi,rit t+h_a't sh__ielded h+i's dream_s f_r_o_m i_ntru*sion w*a*s a_lmost autom_at-ic to h'i.m n.o_w_, b_u,t e'v_e,n as he d*i-d i+t-, he ch,uc'kled to himsel,f.
If it is em,+bedded in colu'mn, t.h'i_s val.ue m-u,s't be es*caped.
T'h.e,y w e+r.e awf ully youn'g, Wen,dy a-n.d P,eter, f+o,r de-ath th.o,ughts.
N+o.t t'h a't Em-my, be'ing m_a,d_e awar,e of t-h e h*onest M ajor's p'assi'on, r .ebuffed h_i'm in a*n*y w'a,y+, or f.e'l*t dis'plea,sed w+i't.h h_i-m .
He w a*s wound'ed by t.h_e Or'cs, a_n d m,a*n y of h'i s f.o*l'k a n-d h'i+s tr,ee-herd s h*a'v e b+e'e-n mur.dere,d a+n+d destroy.e d.