T'h-i's Tu.esday i+t_s CYTV-!!!

G*e,t on C,Y,T_V F*irst T_hing on TUES_D,AY, i t'' s goi,ng to explo ad!

Comp'any.: C-HINA YOUT,V C O_R'P ( O-T+C BB:C+YTV.OB.)
Sy mbol:  C-Y'T*V
Curr ent Price : $.0,.+4_6
Mo.nday Mov,e: ('U'p Over(12.20%+ )

T+h*e p.rice is at a minim-um it w i+l l b,o.o'm on Tuesday*!

Recomm_end+ation: "ST._RONG-BUY" start,+ing on Tue+sday-, AUGUS.T 1.4-, 2-0.0.6_.

Br.eaki ng N+e w_s,:


C-hina You.TV's CnB'oo W,e-b S i.t-e Ra nks N'o+.,1 on Mi++crosoft L_i+v,e S+earch En-gine

Aggr.e*sive T+raders
G*e*t in e-arly, t*h i+s o'n+e c-a,n f+l'i,p h,i-g_h ret+urns f.a s*t .

If no locati.o,n w+i*t'h wat'er is kno,wn, o,n-e of us m_a'y be calle*d to f+i-n'd o'n-e .
R-eady f.o-r h'i*s friend s.
On N-T', e,a'c-h e'xcepti.on c a_n o.n_l'y co_ntain up to 4 DWO*RD values..

Ost,aviv v Gos+'tevuhe V*a_s_h vop_ros, Vy p'oluchit*e pomos h' v.s'e_h posetitel e.i et'ogo sai-ta.
Unive*+risty of Pr'et+oria P-rocess M-+odelling a-n-d C+ontrol Group..