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   It was very still in the twilight where they stood. The faint murmur of a prayer came down from above, and while it lasted both were as though held motionless by its mesmeric monotony. Then at the boom of the organ, the lads last shred of self-control vanished. He burst again into muffled weary sobs, the light from the furnace glistening redly on his streaming cheeks. It aint right, Uncle Jehiel. I feel as though I was murderin somethin! But I cant help it. Ill go, Ill do as you say, but --
   I know, Deacon, said the sexton humbly, but it wont happen again. And Ill be around the first thing in the morning to do that job for you. His voice sounded dull and lifeless.

ones head, or the forward end of a boat.