WE Will Just start it's EXPLOTION. Market will make itself the rest .

Stronghold Industries Inc leading supplier of premium home technologies and services.

Symbol SGDS
Trade date Mar 06, 2007\
Price $0.05
Growth + 60%.

Stronghold's elite-class security arm, Moore Protection, protects over $750 million in residential property in the Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades and Malibu areas of Southern California. With a "Who's Who" roster of celebrity clientele, Moore Protection is the fastest growing security company in its market segment.

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> Why?  Why I ask?  Do you ask why?
He is also apparently the unoffiicial or official RGP liaison.
All software gets tested.
They are very busy right now.
> Any new or bigger promotion creates a mandatory lock-up of your computers.
I realize he doesn't write the software.
I hinted an earlier post that something might be very wrong with the software running larger tournaments.
Where do I get my experience to make such suggestions?
He is, unless I'm mistaken,the paid host.
> Sorry for the terse message earlier but you know how the heat of the moment can be.
They are not fixing the major problem which appears to be their software people.
I did not say Mike Sexton owned the site.
They are very busy right now.
(For example changing tables or some other behavior that causes a memory leak.)
> RR