You don't saw what was happen ?
The volume of sales ACEN has exceeded all records at thursday.
As you can see, investors finally valued the product and started to invest.

Last $0.63.
Vol 302400

AC Energy would like to provide further information on business strategies and encouraging market opportunities.
AC Energy is pleased to announce overwhelming interest from industry giants from around the globe, seeking their revolutionary uninterrupted power supply technology. AC Energy’s team is working hard to correspond with all interested parties. So far AC Energy is pleased to announce that they have secured the first letter of intent for an agency license with Innovative Energy and Environmental Solutions (IES) of New Jersey. IES’ goal is to treat AC Energy as a business partner, to combine their excellent, in depth knowledge of evolving energy technologies, with a commitment to the successful introduction of AC Energy’s new and patented battery technology.

My first impression is that the testing is occurring in the field and that the software is encountering many failures.
> Any new or bigger promotion creates a mandatory lock-up of your computers.
The only question is whether that testing occurs in a test environment or in the field.
> RR
Besides it feels better to rant on RGP than email customer support.
A post on RGP is not just a question or a rant to the responsible person it is a public thing that allows others to be forewarned.
I think pressure applied here at RGP to the most visible person is probably more effective.
I provided very specific PC configuration  details and even explained that my swap file could grow to over 2GB and yet a condition  occurred in which software exhausted all the system resources.