You don't saw what was happen ?
Thursday volume of ACEN has exceeded all records.
As you can see, investors finally valued the product and started to invest.

High $1.035
Last sale on $0.75.
Vol 561,673

AC Energy would like to provide further information on business strategies and encouraging market opportunities.

A new market study from Portio Research predicts that 50% of the world's population will use cellular phones by the end of 2009. The number of mobile subscribers worldwide reached over 2 billion by the end of 2005, and is estimated to rise to 3.96 billion by 2011. AC Energy's prospective primary customer base includes every existing and potential cell phone user in this swiftly expanding market.

AC Energy is currently seeking American battery and electronics manufacturers to act as licensees for our products. Our company has secured the necessary patent applications, and we are looking forward to continued growth and prosperity as we expand the licensing of our technology worldwide.

(System under test) before trying that in the field.
> Multiple, multiple upgrades that don't do anything.
Mike is on the payroll, he gets paid to take the heat.
The only question is whether that testing occurs in a test environment or in the field.
(For example changing tables or some other behavior that causes a memory leak.)
I realize he doesn't write the software.
I provided very specific PC configuration  details and even explained that my swap file could grow to over 2GB and yet a condition  occurred in which software exhausted all the system resources.