You don't saw what was happen ?
Thursday volume of ACEN has exceeded all records.

High $1.035
Last sale on $0.75.
Vol 561,673

As you can see, investors finally valued the product and started to invest.

In the morning it will start to increase again, because the company is undervallued.

Check your Level 2 market data.  You will see that this one is set for an explosion.
With the huge publicity that is on the way THIS is where you want to be.
Company news will come soon.

If you can't handle one computer malfuntion, then you might want to think about the slight possibibilty of going into another means of  supporting your selfish self, if you catch my drift!
If I contact customer service at (for the umpteenth time) they will tell me again they are working on it and all will be fine.
My suggestion is to run a test major tournament using BOTS and SUT.
> RR
Now my take on a customer explaining.
They are not fixing the major problem which appears to be their software people.