Please accept my offer of AU GOLD 50 Kilos, which my family wants to sell to any interested buyer. Well I found your contact as I was looking for buyer through net.
Please I feel you know about GOLD or can find me a buyer. I just lost my father who is now in mortuary and will be berried soon. My family and I have fully decided to dispose the Goods to any buyer in order to race money to close the debts, which my late father has borrowed from Bank here in Ghana. We need to pay this money before the year runs out; otherwise the Bank will claim the house from us.
We have decided to sell the Gold, Please help me to find a buyer if you are not interested. The amount of the gold is $8,000 per kilo total Quantity 50Kg. I wait to hear from you.
Thanks and remain bless.
Prince Godwill
Son of Chief Godwill Williams
From Accra Ghana West Africa

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