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The Company has released news on friday.
Here it is (read full version on your favorite news site)

Marshall Holdings International, Inc. Announces Subsidiary 3rd Quarter Results Over 1.5 Million, an Increase of 147%

Marshall Holdings International, Inc. (MHII) announced that the 3rd quarter financials for its wholly owned subsidiary are final. Marshall Distributing 3rd quarter revenues resulted in an increase of 147% over the same period in 2005. The total revenues for the quarter were excess of 1.5 million.
"The Company continues to grow and once again surpassed all expectations", said Jamie Plante, CFO."

Friday last result -> 0.021 (+ 23.52%)
Friday High on 0.024 (+ 41 %)
With such news Monday prognosis-> more then 0.040 (+ 90.47 %)

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