Today we have something new and fresh for you. It's an another target for some day trade or swing trade.

We strongly beleive that the price will go high during several days, begining from Thursday and reach it's maximum     on Tuesday or Wednesday.  After that will be a small resession and then a new stage of growth.

Our pick: ACEN at pink.

As you very well know, the market can be forecasted and controlled.     In many cases unknown companies gained 80-130% in several days.

Just add it to watch list and check it sometimes.
Don't lose the start and win with ACEN!

What does the technical analysis tell you?     Take a paper and do the paper trade.
According to all parameters stock is going high. Now is the best time after slight pullback on Wednesday.

Don't beleive in words, just enjoy the show!
Still thinking? You on the right way!