At the year of 2007
energy supply problems are standing for every man.
Prices for oil, gas, coal are rising higher and higher.

The governments of many countries discuss using of the renewed kinds of energy such as biofuel, energy of the sun and so on. But the question of saving energy also is of great importance. Because of it energy conservations is needed vitaly. One of perspective aims is the technology hydrogen. But Proton Exchange Membrane is needed in order to improve this technology. It's developing now by the following company.

AC Energy, Inc is an electrochemical power company pioneering strategic energy
pathways in the milliwatts to kilowatts range. AC Energy is creating
energy solutions designed for all spheres of modern life.

The fuel cell technology, Proton Exchange Membrane ("PEM") is
touted as the "Catalyst for the Hydrogen Age".

PEM, declared as the major candidate to replace the internal
combustion engine, has created investor interest. Famous developers, knowledgeable in commercialization issues, possess the expertise to capitalize on new concepts.
The principals of AC Energy have an excellent understanding of these
issues and elive that because the Company has professional team that certain market niches can be dominated by it.

Read more about Proton exchange membrane at wikipedia.
AC Energy symbol is ACEN

Watch, trade, invest, buy it today on Feb 28 2007 for tomorrow and beyond tomorrow.