Escapees from the cold work of living,
Columbuses or Gamas, ever pass,
Glimmering of light:
Upon from the right by far trees, that white place
So you can watch me watch uplifted snow
The weight of being born into exile is lifted.
their bellies, they're out cold, instantaneously
I draw near to one of them, the lowest,
It is as though I were at a second threshold.
And still my mind goes groping in the mud to bring
Dismal, endless plainó
III. Earliest Recorded Northern Explorers: The Greeks and the Vikings
Life, or only joy, that stands out
Columbuses or Gamas, ever pass,
A rabbit carcass in its stiffened fur.
Amid the gloom, there, on the pole, stands black
Left and right, and far ahead in the dusk.
Close at the end of distance the two Chose