I have asked to be totally removed from this listserv but am still
getting messages, quite a number of which are spam!  How can I get my
name permanently removed from the list?

Jeanette Clement

At 07:27 AM 1/26/2007, Connie Hales wrote:
>I have become aware that archives of postings from a listserv I no
>longer use    (I had the listserv  deleted several months ago) appear
>online and are searchable by Google.  This is alarming for several
>reasons, and one person has complained to me that she is worried
>about privacy issues .     Can we get these archived postings
>deleted?    Nothing from the LevinePrize listserv should be public.
>Here are the places I found them:
>Please help.
>Thank you,
>Corrinne Hales

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