HXPN already up 500% in the past week with insiders accumulating!

Huge events are driving HXPN way up.  This one is still trading at only a
fraction of its book value.  A massive PR campaign has kicked off with
some exciting news:

ENCINO, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 5, 2007 (4:05pm) -- Harris
Exploration, Inc. (Other OTC:HXPN.PK - News) advises shareholders it
has authorized a Letter of Intent with Minera Cristal of Ecuador, regarding
the opportunity to acquire up to a 100% position in their Balsapamba
property, located in the Bolivar Province, Ecuador, South America.

Harris Exploration

Sym bol: HXPN
Cur rent Price:     $1.60
Short Term Tar get:  $5.00

With the price of precious medals continuing to skyrocket, mining
companies had another year of record profits.  With limited supply and
high demand, experts agree that the mining boom shows no signs of

Harris Exploration is in the right place at the right time and is letting
everyone know it with a major PR campaign!  Friday's announcement is
just the start.  More great news is on the way.  This is a company that can
quite literally strike gold and when that announcement hits the street
watch out! !

Get in while there is still time!