The hottest gold stock pick this year!    
It just doesn't get any better than this.  Booming sector, tightly held, with an incredible PR blitz starting up.  Not only that, but the company is set to release some smashing news as it moves into the New Year!
Drake Gold Resources Inc
Symbol: DKGR 
Current Price:                         $.009 (+6% Tuesday!)    
Short-Term Projected Price:  $.05     
Long-Term Target Price:       $.20       
As gold prices are on the rise ($622 oz), Drake has positioned itself well for 2007 with its 1st project located in Arizona which has an estimated $102 million in recoverable gold @ 205,000 oz.  Short of the BLM permits expected possibly a day’s away it is a screaming buy around a penny. 
DKGR is already hitting it big in the sector.  With solid acquisitions with hard assets in the ground, and a red-hot sector, DKGR is looking at an explosive year.  News out after market on Tuesday proves Drake’s mission to expand shareholder value making Drake a multi-property resource company.
The new petroleum division spins off on the 3rd of January as Drake forms a new company for its oil and gas projects.  A dividend is promised to all shareholders as of that date.
Based on .10 oz of gold per yard running a 100 cubic yard an hour plant, earnings would excel projections to help justify a .10 + share price based on 10x earnings. 
Check your favorite news source.  Check your Level 2 market data.  You will see that this one is set for an explosion.
With the huge publicity that is on the way THIS is where you want to be.       

Make sure you get in early on December 20th.  Win big with DKGR!