TTEN - Ten & 10, Inc.

GROUND FLOOR opportunity in the WIFI Industry!!

TTEN could see explosive growth as a newly trading company - 500%-1000%
is not uncommon.

Current Price: .11
Short Term Target: 2.20

TTEN has grown from China business focus to USA, Europe, Latin America
as well as other areas of Asia. Within 12 months expected to generate $2
MILLION in NET INCOME. $200 MILLION in 5 years.

TTEN is made up of 4 operating subsidiaries:

            Tech 10: WIFI and WiMAX
            Mobile 10: Music and mobile entertainment delivered via
Internet, G3, etc
            Dream Learning Center: Digital Media Learning products
            Ten & 10 Network: Sales and marketing

Telecommunications is globally a TRILLION dollar industry.

Tech 10 has entered into a strategic alliance with FSP Holding an Asian
based WiFi and WiMAX provider. The collective goal of the venture is to
become the premier MAN/LAN (metropolitan area network/local area
network) provider satisfying the needs of government and corporations in
Asia.  FSP is currently a pioneer in developing high performance,
efficient and expandable wireless/wired communication networks in Asia.
The Core business is:  metropolitan wireless broadband for emergency
responses, the WiMAX applications and value-added services, include:
Public Safety Surveillance and Mobile Command Center, Distance Learning,
Cyber Cafe Access, Dynamic Video Surveillance, SOS Poles, Public Traffic
System, Road Monitoring System, Video-Conferencing, Multi-media
Broadcasting, Train Compartment Monitoring etc.  FSP anticipates the
ability to generate gross revenues of about $2 billion in five years,
and net profits of about $200 million.


Any of the above statements with respect to the future predications or
goals and events may be seen as only Forward Looking and nothing else.
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