Company: Bralorne Mining Company (BLNM.OB) is China Telcom & China Netcom's
Primary VOIP Network Agent.
Huge VOIP Contract Signed With Beijing Oriental Inc.

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BLNM, via Beijing QTC, lands another huge contract with Beijing Oriental Inc. Beijing Oriental Inc. is China's leading exhibition and conference holding company. Beijing QTC (BLNM) agrees to provide Beijing Oriental with its 3GenisIP Integrated Access System. This provides them with local, and long distance calling, international numbers and a broadband connection in a single solution.

BLNM.OB is now Authorized in many cities and provinces in China by the two giant telecoms, China Netcom and China Telecom, as the primary authorized VoIP network agent.

This company keeps expanding. They are landing one deal after another. And they are fast become one of the big players in the worlds fastest growing telcom market. This news will make BLNM make huge jumps in the market tomorrow. BLNM has already climbed 82% since last week when these series of news releases began.

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