BLNM Price Climbs 92% and Volume is up 10,000% In Just Two Days Trading!
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Company: Bralorne Mining Company
Symbol: BLNM.OB
Price: $0.31 (+92% in 2 days)
5 Day Target: $1.15

Look At The Huge Climb UP 92% Since Nov 22nd

BLNM took new direction and acquired "Beijing QTC", Beijings largest provider of Public Payphone services. Beijing QTC currently controls 34% of the market. Since this news came out BLNM has gone from $0.17 on Wed Nov 22nd to $0.31 Today and volume has gone through the roof.

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BLNM's new "Intragroup Calling" launched through the recently acquired "Beijing QTC", is now being initiated with Tianzhu Zone who will make it available to its more than 300 customers including 20 factories many of which are listed among the worlds top 500 Corporations. This new service from Beijing QTC is expected to increase annual profits by over $1.5 Million Annually.

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This one is not done yet. More news is expected tomorrow, that will push this even higher. Grab BLNM first thing Tuesday morning and turn some serious profits.

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