We Told You!!! BLNM Volume UP 4000% and Price Up 47.06%!
Can You feel The Rocket!??

Company: Bralorne Mining Company
Symbol: BLNM.OB
Price: $0.25 (+47.06% in 1 day)
3 Day Target: $0.75

The News Are Out! Read The Latest on BLNM!

BLNM.OB: Beijing QTC Launches Broadband Phone Service to Beijing Tianzh Airport.
The Bralorne Mining Company (BLNM) announced that its wholly holding subsidiary, Beijing Quan Tong Chang Information Services Limited ("Beijing QTC"), has launched "Intragroup Call," a broadband phone service, to Beijing Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone which offers more than 300 companies and business partners in the zone broadband phone service, targeting $1.5 million annual profit.

They are working with companies such as Ericsson, SONY, JVC, AIRBUS, Panasonic and Citizen.

We knew this was going to take off but we did not expect it till Monday due to the holiday. Well today we saw it climb 47% in price and the volume is up over 4000%. WOW!

We have been told that there will be big news beginning of the week. Monday this will be off the scale. Set your buys for first thing Monday morning. We could see the 3 day projection hit in one day at this rate. Waste no time.

Grab BLNM first thing Monday Morning!!