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FlowerLand International is looking for responsible

The corporation:

FlowerLand International is an American trading company.
We specialize in all kinds of plants and decorative greenery that can be used for home
or office. We are not a MLM corporation nor any similarity.
You are never required to buy nor pay anything to work with Flowerland International.
We are not a (MLM,Multi-Level-Marketing) organization nor any similarity.
You are never required to buy nor invest anything to work with Flowerland International.


This is an entry level opportunity in the field of financial services.


- Really High Wages.
- Ability to work at home.
- Flexible shedule.
- No sign up fees, no investment is needed.
- All expenses such as phone calls, webtraffic, etc will be fully covered by our
- Illness\Disability friendly team.


- Basic knowledge of credit principles, financial services and operations.
- Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously along with meeting deadlines.
- Ability to work independently or in a team environment.
- Having no problem with the Authorities.
- Having a mobile phone.
- Having a deep desire to achieve financial success.


No degree required.

HOW TO Start:
Please send your resume to our personnel manager.
It must be sent in a TXT, DOC, RTF or PDF format.

Please write to the following email: [log in to unmask]

In order to receive our response, please provide us with your valid email address.

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