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Privoxy 3.0 is finally released! This is way behind schedule, but better late
amounts of valgrind warnings (but only of the "Conditional..." kind it
Operate if installed on unlicensed copies of the Product.
lives. If there's no config file in the dir pointed out by one of the
are accepted. test 239 and test 243 were added to repeat the problems and
The key "Editor/EditorUndoSize" of DWORD type allows to change the  size
Daniel (10 February 2005)
6.2. Report Bugs
consequently, the plugin can be used for creating and  modifying  archivers
previous OpenSSL check still has preference and if it first detects OpenSSL,
Network Associates Customer Service
This release also includes integrated online help
For casual users, our support forum at SourceForge is probably best suited:
Daniel (2 January 2005)
more information. The current code maturity level is "stable".
/* Copyright (C) 1995-1998 Eric Young (eay@cryptsoft)
BUILDING_LIBCURL being defined when libcurl is built. Now this is defined by
and licensed under the GNU General Public License.
that can be downloaded, for example, from this site:
Daniel (28 April 2005)
the file Far\Addons\Archivers\Arj32.reg.
5. all directories along %PATH%
should be used for any actions customizations. On Unix-like systems, these
terms and conditions upon which you legally purchased a
case 266 to verify the basic functionality. Do note that test case 34
- The runtests.pl script now starts test servers by doing fork() and exec()
standards more liberally.
download or install the Product (whichever is earlier) and
*    acknowledgment:
To open the Help file's table of contents, choose "Help" from the "Help" menu.  You may want to start by reading the Introduction and Tutorial sections.
If a long-running process (for example, archiving)  was  run  in  a  FAR
ATI accelerators
or a national or resident of any such country or on any such
solely responsible for compliance with such third parties’
6. Password
than 192 bytes
Daniel (4 October 2005)
Assess Software Problem Reporting (SPR) system
CPU 1000 MHz Pentium III / Athlon
Ogg Vorbis Copyright © 2002, Xiph.org Foundation. See www.xiph.org. For details
verify the fixes.
may not remove or alter any copyright notices or other