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Mignonne Harris <[log in to unmask]>
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Sat, 2 Dec 2006 18:22:50 +0200
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and growing number of other systems.    S/Key is a registered trademark

        V       Stephanie
        a       63733
        r       Stephanie
        a       68066

        n       Stephanie
        r       33132

        3       Stephanie

        o       31666
        a       Stephanie
        s       23001

        this rule.  The search continues with the next chain entry.
leftmost column.  Separate each alias with a vertical bar and put a
(If your port is an X port but does not use imake, set USE_X11=yes;
10.4.10.  * Serial ports
for an operating system like FreeBSD where all the source code is
o  If you want polled mode, do not add the irq specifier:
This document provides suggestions for configuring a FreeBSD system to
server <X.X.X.X>    - print/set bootp/tftp server address
Native capacity is MB.  XXX ???
        this is essentially mandatory.
which will display the manual page for the user command chmod.  Refer-
The lpr command can also accept a wide variety of options to control
settlement was U.C. Berkeley's concession that large parts of Net/2
/etc/sliphome/slip.login and /etc/sliphome/slip.logout scripts to use
This drive is used in Hewlett-Packard's SureStore 12000e tape drive.
WARNING: HP 35480-03110 only.  On at least two occasions this tape
you feel it is appropriate (see section ``Printers Installed on Remote
/etc/ppp. However, the sample configuration files provided are good
Use sparingly:
options  "FAT_CURSOR"        #block cursor in syscons or pccons
documentation, handles regular text printing.  Think of it as the
         Issued           Expires          Principal
introduced in the SCSI-2 standard.
place restrictions on cross-border transport of DES and other
modem              # modem line
o   Signal Ground (SG)
/Helvetica-Bold findfont 14 scalefont setfont
technical discussions mailing list <freebsd-hackersFreeBSD>The
disk sd0 at scbus0 target 0 unit 0 [SCSI disk 0 is at scbus 0, LUN 0]
        to have up to 84 simultaneous processes, which should be enough
by the modems, and the DTE devices are usually unaware that the
To get a stack trace, use
a page, specify them with the ff capability in /etc/printcap.
though check your local mirror first, please!
Collection''); if not, it should be shortly.    You can fetch, build and
Once you have picked a name and some common aliases, put them in the
Native capacity is 2GB when using 90m tapes.
ad infinitum.
method of installation requires quite a bit of temporary storage.  You
&& exit 0 \
getting `Permission Denied' messages from the server then it is likely
don't like the program, you can cleanly ``remove'' all traces of it
breakpoint, but you need to specify the exact address, as it can be = 0xffffffff
the carriage return is for: to move the location of the next
ttyd0   "/usr/libexec/getty std.19200"  dialup on
25:#15 0xf012a183 in open ()
is a more current generation frame-grabber with a higher-speed PCI
On the smaller, lower capacity cards, the later packets overrun the
The first time that you try to read or write a new, completely blank
if you are able to "ping" hosts on the other side of the router, you
reinput 1 {\127}
the Internet, fetch them too and put them in ${DISTDIR}.  Do not worry
# cp -R /cdrom/ports/databases/gnats databases
This scheme works fine, but keep in mind that it of course only works
This section describes some miscellaneous hardware devices supported
                exit 2
        The format of these files is simple: one host name per line.
ports-shells:    /usr/ports/shells various UN*X shells
zcat /usr/share/man/man1/ls.1.gz | troff -t -man | lpr -t
} ;
There is one other type of configuration that we should cover, and
the example /etc/printcap:
IBM and Emerald units will not work.    Replacing the firmware EPROM of
Thanks to these people for comments and advice:
keeps track of all assigned address-spaces, and defines their point of
system separately.
# create a restore floppy
o  And more...
low-level format is done this way.
quality and full-duplex audio capabilities (dual DMA channels).
src-gnu:  /usr/src/gnu  sources under the GNU Public License
#!/bin/sh  Physical connections
tedious if the source has lots of sub-directories, each with their own
initialization devices (/dev/ttyid? and /dev/cuai0?) and locking
Synchronous serial transmission requires that the sender and receiver
and receiver.
via appropriate routing protocols about your SLIP subnet.
``Alternatives to the Standard   Spooler'' tells more about other
The easiest way to make sure that the tun0 device is configured
might require you to configure somewhat complex communications
favourite programs by hand (not to mention a tremendous amount of
1       default:
        is the second most recommended method, since it allows you to
        prove useful when connecting to a large number of different
run a large fraction of Linux binaries in both a.out and ELF format.
These two clocks must be accurate enough to not have the frequency
          that come with FreeBSD are not very accurate.  If you do
(and to be honest, who would?), it's a good idea to put these
Contributed by Gary Palmer <gpalmerFreeBSD> and Alex Nash
extracted the source code.
machines on the ISP's local network will be automatically generated.
a "block" size of 8k (though it may do fragments of smaller sizes).
        all six lines, for example).
for each type.
         114 ??  I      0:00.10 /usr/libexec/getty V19200 ttyd0
options that are available from cpio(1), but tar(1) does not require
copies, handling of the job, and more.  This section describes the
Finally, the DMA will de-assert the HRQ signal.  The CPU sees this,
7:current pcb at 1e3f70
The author will try to give balanced configuration information, but is
spooling software you can substitute for LPD.
                      in the shift register will be received
collect on and type pac.  You will get a dollar-centric summary like
Reported by: Jean-Marc Zucconi
systems should therefore buy one of the newer Triton II based
o  DESCR - a more detailed description.
22.3.2.  DMA Page Registers and 16Meg address space limitations
the EuroISDN (DSS1) and 1TR6 protocols.
a widely used way of distributing program source code around the
both your printer hardware and the LPD software.  This document
"Do nothing" is not a computer program, but it is the most widely used
bamboo|ps|PS|S|panasonic|Panasonic KX-P4455 PostScript v51.4:\
controller needs more bytes than the drive offers.
                 will determine the baud rate of the UART.
1       default:
mostly so.
If you only have access to electronic mail or are otherwise blocked
# make install          [build and install all the database ports]
        information on what processes are running.
systems should therefore buy one of the newer Triton II based  Particulars on ESDI hardware
watching.  The second item, "/usr/libexec/getty xxx" (xxx will be
reboot your system:
If there is an output filter but no text filter and LPD is working on
                      and moved from the shift register into
10.2.4.  * BIOS
semester, year, or whatever time period you prefer, you collect the
The printer lost characters.
That should be about all you need to do to get PPP working with a
freebsd-hardware           General discussion of hardware for running FreeBSD
these two bytes (031, 001), it should stop by sending SIGSTOP to
d. Designate the default router by changing the line:
lines contain realm/host entries. The first item on a line is a realm,
When you are finished adjusting the kernel configuration file, use the
and take a look at what tokens we have:
        This is a dump taken from within DDB (see below), hence the
19.2.  When I boot for the first time, it still looks for
and LUN specified on the corresponding bus.
Old password for jane:
        not use names like DEBUG, or something that could be confused
           Adaptec 154x
We have also taken the comments and suggestions of many of our users
compression.    Here is an example:
        ISO 9660 filesystem for CD-ROMs.  Comment it out if you do not
4.  Apply any ``patches'' needed to get the source to compile and run
recognizable prompt.    If the data rates do not match, getty sees
standard `make' program to compile and install the program from the
major revision number to the first column of the 'ldd' output, you
Here is a small example:
You can
rwcd0c entries in /dev so you know that it executed correctly.
where file is the name of the file containing the program.  After tip
the main FreeBSD distribution or the ports tree is a bad idea, and the
functioning as the gateway to the outside world, then the default
This large section of the handbook discusses the basics of building
11.4.1.  Prerequisites
uq|V19200|High Speed Modem at 19200,8-bit:\
        The digest consists of all messages sent to freebsd-current
Do not leave anything valuable lying around in the `work'
Config command fails
        maintained by an Internet-wide group of developers.  The main
if [ "X${pid}" != "X" ] ; then
jumper. Hard sectoring means that the drive will produce a sector
system cut off from the network until allow entries are added to the
        passive mode (the default), try active!
printer, these options have no effect.  See section ``Header Pages''
PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH; export PATH
        # hpif - Simple text input filter for lpd for HP-PCL based printers
                                      receive buffer)
        you have a multiport serial card, check the manual page for
The very first line of the output from lpq is also useful: it tells
if success goto slhup
if [ "X${pid}" != "X" ] ; then
10.4.10.  * Serial ports  Further reading
job consists of data passed as the standard input to the lpr command.
clear              ; Clear unread characters from input buffer
o  If you are using a UNIX system:
the outside, go through some authentication mechanism, and then gain
mixed on the same bus.  It is possible however to use special
The meat of the problem.
        IO addresses of the form 0x*2e8, and since many cheap serial
as such, and a replacement sector is put in place (logically of
can be, and how large the printer queues can get.
11.1.  * Ethernet basics
The third way is that any panic condition will branch to DDB if the
reaches your network.
the Internet.  FreeBSD is source code compatible with most popular
This section describes the various SCSI controllers and devices
COM3 is located from 0x3e8 to 0x3ef and has no standardized IRQ
          text must be enclosed in quotation marks, otherwise con-
group quotas or both for all of your file systems.
Previous versions of FreeBSD contained an IPFIREWALL_ACCT option.
prompt at the specified initial line speed.  getty watches to see if
the printer, then you are urged to augment your printer setup.  To do
configuration parameters.       You can also disable a device entirely
cat file > /dev/lptN
} forall
        Dosboot was written by DI. Christian Gusenbauer, and is
the units affected will be retransmitted, and there will be a fair
to the hackers mailing list by sending mail to
go a long way!  Donations of hardware are also very important to
reinput 1 {NO DIALTONE\13\10}
even .tgz if you're trying to squeeze the names into a DOS
A. 'make fetch-list' will display a list of the files needed for a
you need to make such changes to the code for conditional compilation,
user is currently over their quota limit.
set file type binary            ; full 8 bit file xfer
To enable the filters, you need to define a set of rules for the
S       Static: This route was configured manually, not automatically
bus.    For wide buses this increases to the number of data lines.
src-secure:      /usr/src/secure          DES Sources
using /dev/cuaaN instead of /dev/ttydN.
before loading any settings.    This is because the hardware might
o  Sun/Solaris 2.3. (you may need to get bootp)
The first CDROM (and general net-wide) distribution was FreeBSD 1.0,
You should see a one line summary of disk usage and current quota
an additional serial or parallel port if your kernel is not already
        whether Jordan looks like a toon ferret or not, whether or not
FreeBSD will also add subnet routes for the local subnet (
for the quota files, this is not recommended since all of the various
B -- Using NFS
like an output filter.
#  ifhp - Print Ghostscript-simulated PostScript on a DesJet 500
return or CR).  Many printers use the MS-DOS convention for repre-
src-secure:      /usr/src/secure          DES Sources
If you do not specify a spooling directory with sd, the spooling
as to the purpose or necessity of a line, check first in LINT.
the commercial giants struggle to field PC operating systems with such
renamed to srvtab so that all the server can pick it up.  Use the mv
with verbose information from the printer, so users and administrators
Reported by: Marc van Kempen  "REV73R1" Andrew Gordon
silvia# netstat -r
provide the accounting code.    But there is a bright side: you have
#  It is PostScript; use Ghostscript to scan-convert and print it
value for your address class, and the name of your machine.  Your
package.  Installing this package gives us the program we need,
If you have already connected your printer and have successfully
          kill ${pid}
writable, and searchable by user daemon and group daemon, and no one
Fourth, test the floppies (either boot.flp and fixit.flp or the two
number, but you will need it if you want to cancel the job; see sec-
Web browser available, browse the list of tutorials at
described in the following sections assumes that if you are installing
what you have to say about it, especially if you have suggestions
#  Installed in /usr/local/libexec/pstf
set file type binary            ; full 8 bit file xfer
5. A configuration manager that knows about PNP events, including
return or CR).  Many printers use the MS-DOS convention for repre-
Once again, check the documentation of your hardware for more info.
The DMA will now check to see if any of the other DMA channels have  /etc/rc.serial or /etc/rc.local
        byte receive buffer.  This original UART has several race
            ; autoanswer mod
echo Dialing.
                      useful in aborting transfers.
device line in the kernel configuration file) then alter all
2.1.2.  Ethernet cards
Working from older sources unfortunately means that your changes may
needed.  The DMA will de-assert the -DACK2 signal, so that the FDC
sees a good prompt.  Obviously, this login sequence does not look as
2.2 (unless your slip.login script included code to make use of the
tree (but cannot use ``mirror'' for some reason), you (and us) are
o  D-Link           DE-530
8237.  You will also need to refer to the I/O port map for the PC
file (/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC) is a line that reads:
In a matching-speed configuration, your ttys entry needs to reference
files in the /etc/ppp directory.
Once you come to the Media screen of the install, select ``Floppy''
will compile it in /usr/ports and install it in
(the 9FX series) are pretty fast cards as well, and are supported by
          kill -9 ${pid}