November 2006


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Fran Butler <[log in to unmask]>
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CSUF Help for Listserv <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 19 Nov 2006 21:45:40 +0800
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Bonnie has uploaded some new software for you!

Click here to view available updated software from Bonnie:

        we connect to. This type of route is normally used for local
schedule to follow.  Just say no.  If something happens to your data,
device   sd0
get a correct impedance matching.  Impedance matching is important to
option handling.  Traditionally, each option in the config file was
The goals of the FreeBSD Project are to provide software that may be
        Note that the file /etc/hosts.equiv is also used by the
Finally, you can create the file /etc/ppp/ppp.secret, which sets some
sion filters is identical.  The text filter takes a slightly different
your users that lpr -g mean ``print Printerleaf files.''
lprps should be part of the FreeBSD ports collection (see ``The Ports
Oh. You can do one of four (4) things :
the process of installing and using FreeBSD may now also be found in
* Mini-Cartridge
Expiration date (enter yyyy-mm-dd) [ 2000-01-01 ] ?
On an old FreeBSD 1.1 system, these entries were added to  How things work
capability in /etc/printcap.
output atdt9,550311\13\10            ; put phone number here
0x1a read Temporary Register
8.3.    Checking quota limits and disk usage
the usual majordomo requests to
o   Switch 4: DOWN - No echo, offline commands
You can also tell it to use /tmp/math.record for the system record
rattan|line|diablo|lp|Diablo 630 Line Printer:\
silvia# ifconfig sl0
o  Block incoming SYN (setup) connections to ports between 1001 and
Enter secret password:                 ) I typed my secret password
active seeyan    12 ...                49123 bytes
Now, when users print jobs to teak, they get a header page with each
to the LaserJet printer teak introduced earlier.  First, the easy
( echo $first_line; cat ) | /usr/local/bin/textps && printf "\004" && exit 0
only be used for terminals which are physically secure (such as the
PC16550DN or PC16550DIN.
You are going to need the following information to hand:
StarTech  (ST16C550J)        23
don't like the program, you can cleanly ``remove'' all traces of it
Wangtek 5525ES
question as swap space via swapon(8)).  This is normally arranged via
If this machine were configured to disallow UNIX passwords over a
                      When set to "1", the output of the UART
still does not prevent users from running lpr multiple times, or from
From an electrical point of view, there are two incompatible bus
Once you've picked a base delta to start from, you will also need all
        Floppy drive controller: fd0 is the ``A:'' floppy drive, and fd1
I got some error about not having permission.
The RS232-C specification defines two types of equipment: the Data
The first line defines the alias ``localhost'' as a synonym for the
to-LaserJet/PCL conversion program.  The FreeBSD ports collection (see
        You got the following on paper:
#  Send the PostScript code to stdout.
return was Novell's "blessing" that the 4.4 Lite release, when it was
sio16 at 0x178-0x17f irq 3 flags 0x1005 on isa
                 Bit 2     Trailing Edge Ring Indicator (TERI)
        /rootfs/etc -> /etc
The locations called ``diskXX'' refer to the ``slakware/XX''
device cd0 at scbus?                 [the first ever CDROM found, no wiring]
L       Link: Route involves references to ethernet hardware.
                 Bit 4     Clear To Send (CTS)
options "COMPAT_LINUX"
correctly edited your /etc/sysconfig then this will happen
rootfs <ip:/fs>         - print/set root filesystem
current instruction.    Once the processor has reached a state where it
based networking.  Both of the PCI cards are based around DEC's
Master key entered.  BEWARE!
lpr -P bamboo -d sushi-review.dvi
used to refer to a machine that sits on two local-area networks.
use disk quotas.  Please refer to the ``Configuring the FreeBSD Ker-
Reported by: J"org Wunsch
# Whom:       jkh
destination machine. Again, what facilities are available depends
ttys marked secure).    See the manual page for ttys(5) for more
        be careful.
*)    echo "LPD started `basename $0` wrong." 1>&2
                 Bit 2     Transmit FIFO Reset
2.2.5.  Before installing over a network
interest has not been all that high yet.  Tell me if you want an email
What do you do if a kernel dumped core but you did not expect it, and
Note that, before prompting for a password, the login program prints
For you Mumbletech BRIDGE2000 that has more than one LUN, acts as a
The World Wide Web (WWW) also proves to be a very handy info source:
disk. On power-up it read the info and presented itself to the system
have to do these steps manually.
netmask   # netmask ( not required )
# Date created:    21 August 1994
the data to other programs.  This last feature makes cpio(1) and
-p Format plain text with pr before printing.  See pr(1) for more
of `/usr/local' (or `/usr/X11R6' for X ports that do not use imake) in
The kernel is currently being moved to a better organization of the
and it is up to the remote computer to respond to this signal.
o  Many free and commercial programs that provide a print feature
V.32bis (14.4 Kbps) connections to the modem might make the modem run
an option gets this option out of an opt_foo.h declaration file
          x|y)  ;; # Ignore
If your software has some documentation other than the standard man
The tape does not contain an Identifier Block (block number 0). All
"block" gets split into multiple Ethernet packets, even though it is
Coordinator: Justin T. Gibbs <gibbsFreeBSD>
LPD, LPD will refuse them.
            emulation (RC144DPi/C3000-25)      117
You will also need to know your IP address on the network, the netmask
which allows you to track usage of your router, based on similar rules
        will need to reset the associated counter using the ipfw(8)
device   sd2
        Data Communications Equipment -  your modem
                      the UART.