November 2006


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CSUF Help for Listserv <[log in to unmask]>
Glory Avila <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 22 Nov 2006 15:10:30 -0800
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CSUF Help for Listserv <[log in to unmask]>
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Jacqueline has uploaded some new software for you!

Click here to view available updated software from Jacqueline:

for it, you will need to run gated in place of routed on your FreeBSD
Now that you understand what goes on when the user types `make', let
will have to configure, build and install a custom kernel in order to
7 (for narrow buses).
device sio0 at isa? port ``IO_COM1'' tty irq 4 vector siointr
You might want to also modify your /etc/manpath.config file to read
If you intend to do some serious ESDI hacking, you might want to have
installed lprps from the ports collection, use the following in the
        if you are printing standard input.
(of course, you have to change the hostname and password to fit
technical discussions mailing list <freebsd-hackersFreeBSD>The
          in early IBM PC computers, but is generally available for
The HP C1534A DDS format DAT drive has two indicator lights, one green
not that only the root filesystem must be within the 1024 cylinder
# cd /usr/ports
passwords to prevent people messing around with ppp on your system.
25 September 1995.
           Lance/PCnet cards (Isolan, Novell NE2100, NE32-VL)
                 Bit 3     OUT 2
modem to adjust its serial port data rate to match the incoming call
backup files, Makefiles when the port uses imake or GNU configure,
Sportster 14,400 external modems will be given, which you may be able
diff -c oldfile newfile
if < \%x 60 goto look
after a call.  FreeBSD avoids sending commands to the modem or
#  hpof - Output filter for Hewlett Packard PCL-compatible printers
to the options field in the /etc/fstab entry for the file system you
total               337.00  154   $  6.74
ident    MINI
                      and 8-bit data words, 2 Stop Bits are
nothing to check, unlike the previous two.
file).  It is not the default since there are a lot of crappy serial
abstractions of files, links and directories that are created by the
#  Define a function to handle fatal errors: print the given message
logged in as yourself:
62:#2  0xf0132c34 in spec_open ()
an automated script or patch file when your port is finished.
PLP, the Portable Line Printer Spooler System
problems in sequence as you design your new Makefile:
Or Jack logs into Jane's account on the same machine (Jane having set
settings) is provided in ``Supported      Hardware''.  If you are using
The other school configures their modems' RS-232 interface to vary its
Exabyte EXB-2501
You can ignore the message about the ioctl that is not implemented.
This file lists all the files installed by the port.    It is also
U       Up: The route is active.
and the SMC EtherPower or Compex ENET32 cards for any serious PCI  How Filters Work
If an index is supplied, the clearing operation only affects a
SCSI by the way. ESDI is standardized by ANSI.
quite well!
that the memory will latch and store the byte that was on the bus, and
M indicates the minor number of the master port (the last port on a
in some cases, the same topic may appear in more than one section
        DOS partition, as described above.  Also, the excellent mtools
disklabel -w -B -b /usr/mdec/fdboot -s /usr/mdec/bootfd /dev/rfd0c fd1440
generated from SGML input files.  Creating backups of these HTML files  DISTNAME
21.1.5.  Finding the necessary files
Section ``The /etc/printcap File'' shows you how.
through serial cables work without any problems.  You need to have a
security mechanism, but rather, a means to remind authorized users
contributor has established a reasonable track record for reliability,    PREFIX  /etc/rc.serial or /etc/rc.local
For the international FreeBSD distribution using the secure-supfile:
supplied ``install.bat'' batch file or you can make a boot floppy with
Why has this changed?
described in section ``lpf: a Text Filter'', and pac, a program to
in the file which overprint lines, or long logical lines that wrap
New Password:              <---- re-enter the password here
under the category of "changes to existing source code."
to handle these aspects.  And the bad news is that most of the time
o  Annelise Anderson
# make package
(for a NCR hostadapter based system see man ncrcontrol)
        PC industry, mainly due it its ability to reliably handle higher
system cut off from the network until allow entries are added to the  DESCR
        eventually have to copy files from the local host to the remote
there are already lots and lots of packages and users are going to
and then ``dial provider'' to start the PPP session, or, if you want
If an index value is supplied, it used to place the entry at a
root                         26.00   12   $  0.52
Can I use compressed MS-DOS filesystems from FreeBSD?
with an HP or NEC SCSI CDROM drive either.
local preferences.  dialup is the traditional default terminal type on
wish to remove them to simplify things.
want to specify the actual directories.  Beware.  Although the
been sent.
without bad sectors. In the case of FreeBSD this concept is not
commands and enable logging in the kernel. This will allow you to
The following is an example of what you might see when you run then
the i386 directory deals with PC hardware only, while everything
This is a port of oneko, in which a cat chases a poor mouse all over
After the machine is fully installed, you simply need to add the
        We also use `wu-ftpd' which allows compressed/tar'd grabbing of
these copies almost never perform exactly the same as the NS16550A or
set dial hangup off
provided below.
Tandberg TDC 4222
Both examples support SCSI disks. If during boot more devices of a
Which Backup Program is Best?
28 July 1995.
all kernel PPP interfaces.
You will notice that near the end of the default kernel configuration
rootfs <ip:/fs>         - print/set root filesystem
installed.  The following describes what preparation needs to be done
Tutor", ENDL Publications, 14426 Black Walnut Court, Saratoga CA,