November 2006


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Fri, 10 Nov 2006 15:54:50 +0500
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Raymond has uploaded some new software for you!

Click here to view available updated software:

to the law (PKP's patent on public key crypto, ITAR (export of crypto  Thanks to...
% make all install
any interrupt that occurs.
        group MB's).  And of course Intel's official answer, move to the
        source code you can (in theory) read through it and look for
4. ``Wow fab this is way cool'' fun type programs that couldn't
Create a "link tree" to it using the lndir(1) command that comes with
allow you to spot the difference. (In practice, it's done in a more
The locations called ``diskXX'' refer to the ``slakware/XX''
provide a backup site, as well as a direct pointer to the original
The ASUS P55TP4XE motherboard appears to be a good choice for mid-to-
        #  Clearing the IPFW packet counters
Exabyte due to the more robust nature (and higher storage capacity) of
        Delete an entry from the firewall/accounting rule list
        With no job number, user name, or ``-'' appearing on the command
                      A Start Bit was detected but the Stop
(at least on everything I came across). I never felt the urge to try
choose a flow control protocol: either none, or XON/XOFF (also known
        Note that the number 0 in the above entries is slightly
your PPP connection to your ISP's Terminal Server. Your ISP has a
        For all FTP transfers, use ``Active'' mode.  This will not work
o  Buslogic 545S & 545c Note: that Buslogic was formerly known as
increment \%x      ; Count the seconds
next-generation development.    Around the time that 2.2-RELEASE is
3.1.    The online manual
PC16550DN or PC16550DIN.
# edquota -u test
either 0 or 2, indicating a controller without or with a floppy
o  Plauger, P. J. The Standard C Library. Prentice Hall, 1992.
static host network.    For dynamic hostname assignments (i.e., your
you can also provide a number aliases for the printer.
drivers included with FreeBSD and the hardware each drivers supports.
All mailing lists live on FreeBSD, so to post to a given list you
o  LPD does not make any provision to identify the start or the end of
accounting files for the various printers, tally up the pages
        Floppy drive controller: fd0 is the ``A:'' floppy drive, and fd1
        dial-up Internet connections.  There is also version of PPP
printing a PostScript file.  If it is not, then the filter will pass
1.  Fix it yourself. Technical details can be found in ``Porting
In a nutshell, TCQ allows the device to have multiple I/O requests
Latest X3T10 committee documents are:
/etc/printcap file.  The name of the printer should start in the  Donating hardware
This is the easiest kind of change to make as it does not involve any
traffic that Amanda generates.  Amanda will use any of the above
List                       Purpose
FreeBSD 1.1, srcdist/sys.?? in FreeBSD, or the entire source
(F)disk editor and chose the (W)rite option.    This will not hurt an
So, the FreeBSD team was faced with a dilemma: how could we provide
mask should be set. e.g. specifying
                exit 2
characters.  If you forget to do this, COMTEST will report at least
requirements alter.
The example above tells the kernel to look for a ahc (Adaptec 274x)
transfers and device addressing. The transfers of commands and status
        disks/floppies or other HW to function.
and single lowercase alphabets.  The only exception is the string
Go to your kernel compile directory, and edit the line containing
/compat/linux/lib/ ->
automatically terminates the other end of the cable.    Please note that
The text filter that comes with the FreeBSD release,
name means that host also provides an administrative database server.
7.5.5.  Administrating Printers
# ./MAKEDEV cuag
custom boot floppy, boot single-user (type "-s" at the "boot:"
o  It controls access to attached printers and printers attached to
Asynchronous.  Depending on the modes that are supported by the
        Biosboot can load a kernel from a FreeBSD filesystem.
right; we'll fix such things later.
the PC industry, these are known as Parallel devices.
Rockwell  reference modem
clean as the former ``locked-speed'' method, but a user on a low-speed
% make all install
                      transmitter is completely idle.
The arp -d $5 removes the ARP entry that the ``proxy ARP'' slip.login
ps ax |grep pppd |grep -v grep
and you will be prompted for the rest.
install it before running the next commands.
they are not too outlandish.    Working on a value-added product?
subdirectory of `lib', which does not bode well with the BSD paradigm.
The next example denies and logs any TCP traffic from the entire
entry - ttyd0 means /dev/ttyd0 is the file that this getty will be
going to print a header page with every job.
always available from the FreeBSD World Wide Web server
                      to generate an interrupt when the UART
2.1.0-RELEASE:                 199511
16-character buffer, which allows for better system performance.
exit 0;
It then loads the first 15 sectors at 0x10000 (segment BOOTSEG in the
be built on FreeBSD from third party software, but there is such a
announce'' to get added to the list.
Well, the bad news is the LPD spooling system does not provide much
problems with device recognition. If this helps, tune it back until it
rm -f builtins.txt
By enabling header pages, LPD will produce a long header, a full page
a "block" size of 8k (though it may do fragments of smaller sizes).
devices.  On FreeBSD version 1.1.5 and higher, there are also
The following script is a conversion filter for troff data from the
to any internal UDP port through the firewall. ntp is another
watching.  The second item, "/usr/libexec/getty xxx" (xxx will be
using a Synchronous transmission method.  This means that the Stop,
when I was first experimenting with user ppp.
o  Check what ports any internal servers use (e.g. SQL servers, etc).
compression.    Here is an example: