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      US Congress Calls for Sacking of Chinese General

      By Wang Zheng
      The Epoch Times
      Jul 25, 2005

            The US House of Representatives has called for the sacking of the
            Chinese Communist Partys Major-General Zhu Chenghu after his recent
            statement that China would attack over one hundred American cities
            with nuclear weapons if the United States interferes in a war
            between Communist China and Taiwan. (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)
      The US House of Representatives has called for the sacking of the Chinese
      Communist Partys Major-General Zhu Chenghu after his recent statement
      that China would attack over one hundred American cities with nuclear
      weapons if the United States interferes in a war between Communist China
      and Taiwan.
      General Zhu was speaking at a function for foreign journalists organized
      by the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry on July 14. During the function
      Zhu said: We...will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the
      [Chinese] cities east of Xian. Of course, the Americans will also have to
      expect that hundreds...of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese. Zhu
      has previously said that China has the capability to attack the USA with
      long range missiles. The general is a professor and dean in Chinas No. 1
      National Defense University Strategic Defense Institute which is under the
      direct leadership of the CCPs Central Military Committee.
      Britains London Telegraph published an editorial titled, The Bullies in
      Beijing, in which the editors said that Zhus speech is similar to one
      made by Mao Zedong in 1957. Mao said that nuclear war would both raze
      imperialism to the ground and kill half the worlds people. Although
      General Zhu is not currently a member of Mainlands Chinas policy
      establishment, his speech was given during the critical period of US-China
      trade discussions and the Kuomintangs presidential election in Taiwan.
      Purposely Arranged by Beijing
      The Chinese Communist Party did not reject Zhus speech and a spokesperson
      from the Foreign Affairs Ministry said Zhus speech was his own personal
      opinion. This spokesperson declined to comment on whether or not the
      speech represented the governments view.
      Although General Zhu emphasized that what he said was his own opinion, a
      Pentagon official, speaking to a reporter at the Washington Times, said
      that Chinese generals normally express only official positions and that
      Zhus comments represent the views of senior Chinese military officers.
      These comments are a signal to all of Asia that China does not fear US
      forces, this official said. He added that a disclosure such as this of
      elements in a Chinese war plan may have either been inadvertent, or
      cleared in advance by senior political leaders.
      Professor Tang Ben of the Claremont Institutes Asian Studies Center
      published an article in Singapores Lianhe Zaobao on July 20, in which he
      asserted that what General Zhu alluded to was actually Beijings strategy
      to deal with current world circumstances, even though Beijing labeled his
      remarks as personal opinion. Professor Tang wrote that people aware of
      the CCPs diplomatic history would know that Zhus speech was purposely
      arranged by Beijing and not written by himself.
      Tang says that China has always used diplomats to discuss major issues, to
      prevent its military from commenting on sensitive foreign affairs topics.
      So in this instance, according to Professor Tang, CCP leaders in
      Zhongnanhai (the Chinese Kremlin) used a medium ranking official to state
      what they themselves could not say publicly.
      Andrew Yang, Secretary General of the Taiwan Council of Advanced Policy
      Studies (CAPS), said that Zhus speech is specifically directed at both
      the United States and Japan, because they announced for the first time
      that Taiwans security is of concern to both countries. Beijings
      communist government is watching how they respond in order to learn what
      policy will be adopted towards China. Mr. Yang also said that Zhus speech
      means the decision-makers in Beijing have already had discussions
      regarding changes in Chinas no nuclear first strike policy.
      Speech Represents Views of Some of the Military
      The editor of Taiwans Top Technology military magazine, Mr. Xie
      Zhongping, is not surprised that Zhus speech represents the views of some
      inside the Chinese military. Mr. Xie said that the part of the speech
      referring to the destruction of hundreds of American cities is the basic
      estimate of the situation by part of the Chinese military, even the
      government. His explanation is that the CCPs government could tolerate
      more civilian and military casualties than could the US government or
      In an interview with Austrias Die Presse, political science professor
      Ming Chu-cheng of Taiwan University said he also believes that General
      Zhus speech represents the view of part of the Chinese military.
      Professor Ming believes that Beijing uses fanatical nationalism to
      manipulate Chinas internal affairs, to divert attention from the
      increasing poverty in the countryside and peoples lack of confidence. All
      the saber-rattling over Taiwan serves to warn and quell any rebellion
      inside China.
      US Congress Asks China to Sack its General
      US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack called Zhus remarks highly
      irresponsible and told reporters that they hoped these were not the views
      of the Chinese government.
      On July 20, the US House of Representatives passed an amendment drafted by
      Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) that expresses the sense of Congress that
      recent comments made by Chinese Major General Zhu Chenghu which openly
      advocate the use of nuclear weapons against the United States damage
      US-China relations and violate Chinas commitment to resolve its
      differences with Taiwan peacefully. It further expresses that the
      government of the Peoples Republic of China should renounce the use of
      force against Taiwan, reject General Zhus statements and remove Zhu from
      his position.
      Also on July 20, in an amendment to the Appropriation Bill for the
      Department of State, the House urged the State Department to allow senior
      Taiwanese officials to visit the United States and communicate with their
      US counterparts. The House amendment specifically named Taiwans
      President, Vice-President, and the ministers of foreign affairs and
      defense as examples, and said it is in the interests of the United States
      for them to visit.

     CCP Spy Network Runs Deep in U.S.
      Military laboratories, Ivy League universities, private citizens face
      widespread espionage and repression from Chinese agents

      By Jonathan Browde
      The Epoch Times

      Jun 20, 2005

            (AFP/Getty Images)
      A large network of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spies is rampant in the
      U.S., say members of Congress, Ivy League academics, and two defecting CCP
      The spies aim not only to steal military and technology secrets but also
      to influence, repress, and even control the ideals and actions of
      In defecting in Australia early in June, CCP officials Mr. Hao Fengiun and
      Mr. Chen Yonglin sparked a string of headlines, first in Australia then in
      Canada, about a massive network of CCP spies in Western countries that
      could far exceed previously held estimates of the problem.
      On the heels of these revelations, Australias foreign minister and
      Canadas prime minister both personally responded to criticism from
      opposition leaders that their governments had not done enough to curb
      espionage and other illicit activity by CCP agents in their countries.
      According to one scholar with intimate knowledge of several Ivy League
      universities and associated research centers, however, the problem is far
      greater in the United States, where a public dialogue on the issue has yet
      to emerge.
      If China has deployed 1,000 spies to Australia and another 1,000 to
      Canada, the scholar noted, can you imagine how many are here in the
      Military Designs and Technology Stolen
      Prior to 9/11, Chinese espionage was a top concern among the nations
      lawmakers and security agencies.
      In May 1999, a Congressional select committee on military and commercial
      concerns with the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) issued a report
      detailing the problems of Chinese espionage in the U.S. According to the
      declassified version of the report, known as the Cox Report, the primary
      targets of Chinese espionage had been the nations weapons laboratories,
      such as Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, Oak Ridge and Sandia.
      Dating back several decades and almost certainly continu[ing] today, the
      report says key military technologies such as advanced thermonuclear
      weapons, the neutron bomb and an assortment of nuclear missiles had been
      taken by Chinese spies.
      The PRC, says the report, uses a variety of techniques, including
      espionage, controlled commercial entities, and a network of individuals
      and organizations that engage in a vast array of contact with scientists,
      business people, and academics.
      According to the FBIs annual report, there has been a 20-30 percent rise
      in the number of Chinese espionage cases in Silicon Valley, a hotbed of
      technology innovation located south of San Francisco.
      On February 13, 2005, Time magazine reported that over 3,000 companies in
      the U.S. are suspected of gathering intelligence for the PRC. Many of
      these companies, says a source who has worked with a number of Ivy League
      Universities and associated research centers, are fronts for Chinas
      Peoples Liberation Army.
      According to Xu Wenli, a pro-democracy advocate who was jailed for 12
      years in China, the CCP actively recruits and sends students abroad to
      gather information for the government. Some of these students then move on
      to work for military and government contractors here in the U.S.all the
      while, gathering and sending information back to the CCP.
      More recently, however, another side of Chinas spy network, one that aims
      to influence, repress, or control ideology and discussions on university
      campuses, has been highlighted.
      Chinese Communist Fronts Mobilized at U.S. Universities
      According to several academics at Yale, Harvard, Columbia University and
      the University of Pennsylvania, the CCP has been very active on U.S.
      campuses. Working primarily through on-campus student groups, they say
      Chinese consulate officials seek to silence academics critical of the CCP,
      and promote the regime as peaceful, progressive and a vital player on the
      world stage.
      According to one Ivy League scholar, Chinese consulate officials meet with
      students on campus, providing them with direction and organizing united
      fronts against CCP critics.
      I was present at one such meeting, said the scholar.
      As a result, lecturers at the universities offering critical analyses of
      the Chinese government have sometimes met with hecklers who would stand up
      and yell at them in the middle of their lectures. The aim, says the
      scholar, is to not only discredit the lecturer and the subject matter,
      but also intimidate fellow students from adopting points of view critical
      of China. This has happened to me on a number of occasions.
      According to this scholar, consulate officials also pay students to attend
      rallies and other events promoting the Beijing government. Dr. Yi Rong, a
      human rights worker in New York City concurs. Chinese students are paid
      and bussed in by the hundreds to form a greeting rally whenever a
      high-ranking Chinese official visits the city, says Dr. Yi.
      In October 2002, Chinese students from several universities, including the
      University of Chicago and University of Houston, were offered free
      clothing and payment to welcome then-Chinese leader Jiang Zemin during his
      trip to Chicago and Houston. In an e-mail to the students, the Friendship
      Association of Chinese Students & Scholars described the event as a
      serious political task and, according to Voice of America, required all
      participants to sign a document forfeiting their First Amendment rights
      during the event in an apparent attempt to curb any would-be protesters.
      Any one violating the agreement could be fined up to $5,000 dollars, VOA
      The First Secretary of the Office of Tibet in New York City, (Snu) Tendar,
      says the CCP has also deployed teams of scholars around the world to
      deliver lectures at major universities. Tendar says that using the forum
      of scholarly discourse and lectures, these teams have promoted pro-Beijing
      ideas, such as classifying the invasion of Tibet as a liberation of the
      people from the feudal lords of the Dalai Lama.
      At Columbia University, hate literature was found posted in the Asia
      Studies building, reiterating word-for-word CCP propaganda against the
      Falun Gong group. Campus police quickly disposed of the materials upon
      their discovery.
      At Yale University, a student running for president of the Association of
      Chinese Students & Scholars at Yale (ACSSY) quickly found herself a target
      of criticisms attacking her personal beliefs when it became known she
      practices Falun Gong. During a public debate on the day before the
      election, a member of the audience asked, If you get elected, how are we
      going to keep our relations with the Chinese consulate?
      Many of the ACSSY activities around campus are sponsored by the New York
      Chinese consulate.
      Youd think that an Ivy League campus would be free of this sort of
      thing, says one graduate student at Columbia University, given the
      weight that dialogue, diversity, respect, and tolerance have in our
      community. But its pretty clear these arent quite traditions or values
      Chinas current leadership subscribes to, and thats why were seeing acts
      of hate and intimidation like these happening here, in the U.S., of all
      CCP Repression of Falun Gong Throughout U.S.
      Outside university campuses, CCP agents or those believed to be working
      under their direction, have sought to repress and intimidate practitioners
      of Falun Gong, Tibetans and other groups perceived as a threat or vocal
      critics of the CCP.
      Acting as a volunteer spokesperson for Falun Gong in New York City, Ms.
      Gail Rachlin says her apartment has been broken into five times since the
      CCP first launched its campaign to eradicate Falun Gong in 1999. In each
      break-in, no valuables were stolen. Only my personal phone lista
      rolodex.things like that, says Rachlin.
      On two separate occasions, Dr. Sen Nieh, a professor at Catholic
      University of America in Washington D.C and a local Falun Gong
      spokesperson, has come home to find private conversations with
      friendswhich took place in public venues such as parks or
      walkwaysrecorded on his answering machine. The second of the two
      instances, reported in the Washington Post on July 20, 2001, was a
      conversation he had with other Falun Gong practitioners while standing
      outside a Senate building on Capitol Hill immediately after meeting with a
      senators staff to brief them on the persecution of Falun Gong.
      Obviously, they are trying to send a clear message that they are watching
      us at every moment...theyre trying to scare us, says Dr. Nieh.
      In January 2003, Hong Lei, a spokesperson for the Chinese consulate in San
      Francisco, went on local Chinese television to say that the consulate had
      a list of all Falun Gong practitioners in the San Francisco Bay area and
      warned them not to go back to China.
      Public venues have also come under fire. Hotels in San Francisco and New
      York have been contacted by Chinese consular officials or threatened by
      unidentified callers, pressuring them not to allow Falun Gong events to be
      conducted in their facilities. In November 2004, the National Arts Club in
      New York City received several threatening phone calls, including at least
      one bomb threat, on the opening night of an art exhibit with works
      depicting the Falun Gong practice and the persecution in China.
      Several Falun Gong spokespersons have reported receiving death threats.
      There has also been actual violence.
      In September 2001, two assailants attacked Falun Gong practitioners
      conducting a sit-in outside the Chinese consulate in Chicago, beating one
      victim to the ground and tearing his clothing. Two of the assailants were
      arrested and pled guilty to battery. They were both members of an
      organization with very close ties to the Chinese consulate.
      In June 2003, a group of assailants attacked several Falun Gong
      practitioners as they demonstrated outside a restaurant in New Yorks
      Chinatown. The head of a local Chinese community organization, Mr. Guan
      Jun Liang, was arrested in connection with the attack. Criminal charges
      against Liang, who personally greeted Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao when he
      visited New York in 2003, were dropped, but a civil lawsuit against Liang
      is in progress.
      Falun Gong practitioners have also been physically attacked in San
      Francisco, Toronto, and Boston.
      The United States Congress passed a concurrent resolution in September
      2004, condemning Chinas actions of spying on and harassing Americans who
      practice Falun Gong, which listed instances of breaking and entering as
      well as assault and battery.

The Epoch Times | Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party (                   0. Introduction                     More than a decade after the fall of the former Soviet Union                     and Eastern European communist regimes, the international                     communist movement has been spurned worldwide. The demise of                     the Chinese Communist Party is only a matter of time.                   1. On What the Communist Party Is                     This article concerns the impact on the civilization of                     China of the communist movement and the Communist Party.                     Looking at the history of Chinas last 160 years, nearly one                     hundred million people have died unnatural deaths and almost                     all of the traditional Chinese culture and civilization have                     been destroyed. What have been the consequences, whether the                     CCP was chosen by the Chinese or it was imposed on China                     from the outside?                   2. On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party                     Why did the Communist Party emerge, grow and eventually                     seize power in contemporary China? Did the Chinese people                     choose the Communist Party? Or, did the Communist Party gang                     up and force Chinese people to accept it? The CCP has set                     itself above all, conquering all in its path, thereby                     bringing endless catastrophe to China.                   3. On the Tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party                     Today the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)s violence and                     abuses are even more severe than those of the tyrannical Qin                     Dynasty. The CCPs philosophy is one of struggle, and the                     CCPs rule has been built upon a series of class                     struggles, path struggles, and ideological struggles,                     both in China and toward other nations.                   4. On How the Communist Party Is an Anti-Universe Force                     In the last hundred years, the sudden invasion by the                     communist specter has created a force against nature and                     humanity, causing limitless agony and tragedy. It has also                     pushed civilization to the brink of destruction. It has                     become an extremely malevolent force against the universe.                   5. On the Collusion of Jiang Zemin with the CCP to Persecute                   Falun Gong                     Why is Falun Gong, which upholds the principles of                     Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance and has been                     promulgated in over 60 countries worldwide, being persecuted                     only in China, not anywhere else in the world? In this                     persecution, what is the relationship between Jiang Zemin                     and the CCP?                   6. On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional                   Culture                     The CCP has devoted the nations resources to destroying                     Chinas rich traditional culture. The CCPs destruction of                     Chinese culture has been planned, well organized, and                     systematic, made possible by the states use of violence.                     Since its establishment, the CCP has never stopped                     revolutionizing Chinese culture in the attempt to                     completely destroy its spirit.                   7. On the Chinese Communist Partys History of Killing                     The 55-year history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is                     written with blood and lies. The stories behind this bloody                     history are not only brutally inhumane but also rarely                     known. Under the rule of the CCP, 60 to 80 million innocent                     Chinese people have been killed, leaving their broken                     families behind.                   8. On How the Chinese Communist Party Is an Evil Cult                     The Communist Party is essentially an evil cult that harms                     mankind. Although the Communist Party has never called                     itself a religion, it matches every single trait of a                     religion. At the beginning of its establishment, it regarded                     Marxism as the absolute truth in the world. It exhorted                     people to engage in a life-long struggle for the goal of                     building a communist heaven on earth.                   9. On the Unscrupulous Nature of the Chinese Communist Party                     What is most terrifying is that the CCP is going all out to                     try to destroy the moral foundation of the entire nation,                     attempting to turn every Chinese national to various degrees                     into a scoundrel in order to create an environment favorable                     for the CCP to advance with time. It is especially                     important for us to understand clearly why the CCP acts like                     scoundrels and to discern its criminal nature.
       Hao Fengjun Reveals Facts of the ‘610 Office’       Hao Fengjun, from Model Police Officer to 610 Office Defector       By Li Hua       The Epoch Times       Jun 19, 2005             Hao Fengjun being interviewed (The Epoch Times)       MELBOURNE - Hao Fengjun never thought his visit to Melbourne’s Epoch Times       office on June 4, 2005 would send shock waves throughout Western society.       Hao chose to step forward to tell people why he defected from his post as       a police officer in China’s notorious 610 Office. He risked his own and       his family’s lives to help people understand the situation in China.       A Model Police Officer at the Public Security Bureau Branch Office       Hao Fengjun was once a model police officer. He believes that law       enforcement is a sacred profession. As a child he loved martial arts and       dreamed of becoming a policeman. He realized this dream when, in 1994, he       graduated from the Department of Law in Nankai University and joined the       Heping district branch of public security bureau in Tianjin city.       “I was a public security police officer in Heping district, Tianjin city       from 1994 to 2000. I thought a policeman should punish evil, encourage       kindness and promote righteousness. This is how I thought and this is how       I worked. I received excellent ratings almost every year. I solved two       large-scale drug-deals and several robbery cases and was awarded Detective       Third Grade. In the chief police officer election in 1998, I was elected       to be a first-level police officer. I led over a dozen policemen from my       office to protect the area. I felt that I had reached the peak of my       career.”       No Policeman Wants to Work at the ‘610 Office’       In October 2000, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) transformed the Tianjin       public security division into a public security bureau. This was a       combination of the former department of administration and security with       the mechanism of the ‘610 Office.’ (Editors’ Note: the ‘610 Office’ is a       Gestapo-like special security force charged with “eradicating” the       practice of Falun Gong, using any means however brutal.) The change       improved the ability of the ‘610 Office’ to suppress the meditation       practice Falun Gong. The ‘610 Office’ has the power to issue orders to       outside organizations and conduct other organizations’ investigations.       Although the ‘610 Office’ openly recruited within the public security       system, it received only one application. The Tianjin public security       bureau came up with a solution- to arbitrarily transfer people. Under       orders from the Tianjin public security bureau, each branch office uses a       computer program to pick at random which employees have to transfer to the       municipal security bureau. If the person fails to register at the       municipal security bureau, he will be dismissed from work. Unfortunately       Hao Fengjun was selected and transferred to the place that nobody wants to       be.       610: The Nightmare Begins       The first day that Hao Fengjun stepped into the ‘610 Office’, he knew it       was not the right place for him.       When he joined the ‘610 Office’ in October of 2000, there were over 40       people in one office. Hao Fengjun’s boss handed him a thick stack of       records, including details about the supposed crimes of Tianjin Falun Gong       practitioners and the CCP’s guidelines about Falun Gong. Hao’s boss asked       the newly transferred 27-year-old young man to “learn, study and memorize”       the materials in order to build a “solid foundation” for future       assignments requiring him to persecute Falun Gong.       “They tried to brainwash me. It goes on every day,” Hao Fengjun said. “I       was never able to put my heart into it or sit still. I knew the ‘610       Office’ monitored, arrested, and persecuted innocent people such as Falun       Gong practitioners and other dissidents. I was tired of it. In the end I       just showed up at the office but I did not do any work. I didn’t think       this was the kind of job that a true policeman would do. Whenever I could       no longer read the materials and wanted to walk around, seniors in the       office who were quietly reading the newspaper would turn around and look       at me. I felt suffocated.”       The seniors at the ‘610 Office’s are CCP cadres who have worked for years       in the department of administration and security. According to Hao, they       regard punishing dissidents for the CCP as their career. They do not trust       the young men who have transferred from local offices. Hao said he could       not always escape by walking around the office and had to learn to bear       it.       He wasn’t happy at home either. The excitement he once felt from solving       cases was replaced with silence and despair.       “In the ‘610 Office’ people talked to each other with their hands covering       their mouth. They keep their voices low and are always looking around.       After being in such an environment for a long time, people even talked       like this in public. People are always afraid of being heard and are       paranoid, as if they have mental problems.”       The ‘610 Office’ Has a Yearly Arrest Quota       When Hao Fengjun started to work for the ‘610 Office’ he was assigned to       the 1st Team. “As a member of the ‘610 Office’ my job was to guide and       coordinate with local offices to crack down on Falun Gong and analyze       collected materials.”       A lot of information came from overseas. Hao Fengjun said, “The Australian       government has been saying that only the key Falun Gong members would be       dealt with [by the CCP] and ordinary practitioners would not be punished.       I think the Australian government does not understand the true nature of       the CCP. If it only targets key members, it should be limited to a       small-scale operation and would not involve every level of the police       force. If it were a small-scale operation, the authorities would not care       about what practitioners in other parts of the world are doing. However,       Falun Gong practitioners all over the world are under CCP surveillance. I       personally received intelligence information about Falun Gong       practitioners in Australia, the United States and Canada. The CCP collects       information on overseas Falun Gong practitioners. They hope to develop       strategies and policies to dissolve the Falun Gong group internationally,       eventually eliminating the group.”       The CCP’s monitoring of Falun Gong includes those practitioners who live       in Tianjin. “Over 30,000 Falun Gong practitioners in Tianjin have been       registered. Every year superiors give the police a 10-percent quota. This       means that the number of people the police detain, put into forced labor       camps, juvenile re-education camps, or brainwashing classes must be 10       percent of the total number of practitioners. Take 30,000 Falun Gong       practitioners as an example. Ten percent is 3,000 practitioners.” So Hao       had to arrest, detain and brutally “transform” eight or ten Falun Gong       practitioners every day.       Since November 2004 when The Epoch Times published the series of editorial       articles the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, the ‘610 Office’       has had additional work.       “The ‘610 Office’ of the public security bureau is responsible for       monitoring and analyzing those who resign from the CCP. Every resignation       published on the Epoch Times Tuidang (Quit the CCP) website is reviewed by       the city where it was posted. The Tianjin public security bureau has a       Falun Gong database with 30,000 Falun Gong practitioners’ records. They       monitor the withdrawal website every day. For example, every day a report       with a list of names that resigned from the CCP is generated. They search       the Falun Gong database for matched names and more information, including       which local office they belong to. The information is passed to the local       office and the local office then handles the cases. In that way, whoever       publishes a resignation with their real name will be arrested.”       All News about Falun Gong Coming from the ‘610 Office’ is Fake       “Since I did not want to get involved in these activities and did not want       to pressure local offices, I was not able to complete my quota. From a       policeman who got rewards every year, I gradually became a policeman who       failed to meet the requirements of the ‘610 Office’ and who finally lost       his job as a police officer. I was demoted to the support staff.”       Hao Fengjun went on: “Actually the staff at the branch level is not       willing to persecute the detainees that they work with every day. Falun       Gong practitioners could be their next-door neighbors. How could they       possibly detain them? And they did not do anything wrong - how could we do       it?”       After witnessing Sun Ti, a Falun Gong practitioner, being beaten by the       police at the ‘610 Office’ (Case 103 by the ‘610 Office’), Hao Fengjun       felt that he could not work there any more. “Sun Ti was one of more than       70 Falun Gong practitioners that had been arrested. I saw her sitting on a       bench in the interrogation room. Her eyes were practically swollen shut.       The interrogator was Mu Ruili, the 2nd team leader of the ‘610 Office.' He       had in his hands a steel rod 1.5 centimeters in diameter. On the desk was       a high-voltage electric baton. After I came into the room, Mu Ruili was       ordered to leave. Sun Ti cried. She lifted her blouse and showed us her       wounds. Because she was a woman I wanted to leave. She asked me to stay       and said that she only wanted to show me. She turned around and lifted up       her clothes. I was shocked. There was not one piece of normal skin in her       back. Her back was all black and blue with two 20-centimeter-long cuts       oozing blood.       “At that moment, I felt my heart break.       “I once told my boss that I was incapable of doing this job. I asked him       to let me go back to the local office. My boss said: ‘That’s not going to       happen. It took us so long to collect these people and we still need more       help. How can I let you go? Once you are here, you cannot leave.’ In the       end, my boss did transfer me to a team that does not handle Falun Gong       cases, the 4th team. Later I became my boss’ driver.       “The CCP said that it treats Falun Gong like ‘breeze and rain during       spring time,' and like a parent disciplining their children. I would just       like to know: Would parents starve their children and beat them to death?       “Ordinary people can’t see the truth about Falun Gong. They only hear       slurs the CCP has invented about how Falun Gong is harmful to people,       inventions such as the ‘self-immolation incident in Tiananmen Square’[1]       and the Beggar Murderer cases (in which a series of murders committed by a       man with a long history of mental problems was blamed on Falun Gong.) The       CCP wants people to think that Falun Gong is an evil cult. The government       blames all society’s ills on Falun Gong.       “The CCP’s media only broadcasts pictures of very clean and neat labor       camps with policeman treating Falun Gong practitioners humanely. They say       the government’s compassionate treatment moves Falun Gong practitioners to       tears. All those scenes are fabricated. The people you see might not be       genuine Falun Gong practitioners. I saw the making of one of these       fabricated TV programs. One CCTV (China Central TV) reporter interviewed       the Falun Gong practitioner Jing Zhanyi in our bureau. Even the ‘610’       policemen thought the things Jing Zhanyi said were completely untrue. I       witnessed how the head of our bureau ‘taught’ Mr. Jing what to say before       the interview. He threatened Mr. Jing that if he failed to say what he was       told, Jing’s detention would be extended. Mr. Jing recited his lines like       an actor.”       Being against the CCP Is Not Betraying China       Hao Fengjun made up his mind to leave the control of the CCP and explore       the democracy and freedom in the West. He finally arrived in Melbourne on       February 15, 2005, and applied for asylum. In Australia on June 8, Hao       Fengjun publicly announced his resignation from the CCP in front of the       media.       Hao Fengjun said, “The thing that touches me the most is that the       Australian people can say what they want when they want, anything from joy       to anger. But in China it is impossible for people to express their       feelings. There is no medium for them to vent their joy or anger. They do       not have that freedom. They have to bear their suffering silently.       “Someone accused me and Chen Yongli of betraying China. I want to ask this       person: If in Australia the Green Party or the Labor Party disagrees with       John Howard’s policies, do you think it is unpatriotic? The notion that       being against the CCP means that you are against China is the result of       the CCP’s incessant brainwashing.       “I love my country and the Chinese people. It is a beautiful country with       abundant resources. But I am against the way the CCP treats the Chinese       people and I am against its prosecution of dissidents. Several days ago I       quit the CCP and other CCP related organizations - the Youth League and       the Young Pioneers. All of a sudden I felt light and relieved. I felt as       refreshed as grass covered in early morning dew.”       Advice to Chinese People in Australia       Hao Fengjun said: “Life in Australia is tougher than life in China. The       reason I came here is not to seek a better material life, but to look for       a way to extricate myself from the heavy burden of my experiences. I want       to expose their dark nature to the people of the world so they will have a       better understanding of the CCP.”       “As a former employee of the CCP’s public security system, I recognize the       fabrications of my ex-coworkers when I read them in news articles. I hope       those who know the truth about the CCP will tell the truth. Those who work       as the CCP’s mouthpiece and do secret work for the CCP, please step down.       Your behavior and your articles clearly expose you. Your intention is well       known. When the CCP collapses, how will you face your own people?”       Note:       [1] On January 23, 2001, a small group of people apparently set themselves       on fire in China’s Tiananmen Square. The state-run Xinhua news agency       reported the incident with unusual speed, claiming that the immolators       were practitioners of the Falun Gong spiritual practice. Evidence shows       that this incident was staged, a ploy used to turn public opinion against       a group already persecuted for their beliefs.       To view a slow-motion analysis of the film of the incident, please go to ( Copyright 2004 - The Epoch Times The book of <<9 Comments on CCP>> can be free downloaded from: ****The Statements of Defecting Chinese Sparks Debate in Canadian Parliament****** Following the statements made by defecting Chinese agents about the Chinese spy network in Canada, the threat of Chinese spies in Canada is getting more recognition from the government. According to Hao Fengiun, a former “610 Office” agent in China, there are over 1000 agents in Canada whose primary task is to imform on Falun Gong and other religious grougs persecuted by the Chinese government. Conservative leader Stephen Harper pressed Prime Minister Paul Martin in the House of Commons Wednesday for not doing more to protect Canadians and defend the nation's soverignty from foreign agents. “Today the former head of the CSIS [Canadian Security and Intelligence Service] Asia desk confirmed reports from defectors that close to 1000 Chinese government agent spies have infiltrated Canada,” said Harper. “Did the Prime Minister explicitly raise this violation of our sovereignty when he met with leading Chinese government officials in Beijing earlier this year?” Asked Harper. The Prime Minister indicated that he did raise the issue when he met with Chinese officials. (
      Chen Yonglin: CCP Believes Australian Government Can Be Bought       Jun 24, 2005       Picture:Chen Yonglin at the press conference on June 22, 2005 (The Epoch             Times)       When Chen Yonglin, the former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) diplomat       seeking asylum in Australia, first announced his intention to defect, he       told the world about the close relationship between the CCP and the       Australian government, and stressed that the CCP operates a 1,000 person       spy network in Australia. Since then the media has been trying to follow       up on this sensitive topic, but Chen has remained silent. On June 22nd       Chen held a press conference during which he began to elaborate on his       knowledge of the dealings between the two governments. What follows are       excerpts of Chen speaking at the conference.       China Seeks To Make Australia Part of Its Great Border Area       In February of 2005, Zhou Wenzhong, the Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign       Affairs, held a meeting at the Chinese Embassy in Australia with the       ambassadors and consuls general to Australia and New Zealand, and the       general consuls and the diplomats in charge of political affairs. I       accompanied Qiu Shaofang, the general consul of the Chinese consulate in       Sidney, to attend the meeting.       The main purpose of the meeting was to implement the decision made during       the 10th Meeting of the Chinese Diplomats in Foreign Counties held in       mid-August of 2004, at the suggestion of Hu Jintao, the General Secretary       of the CCP, to make Australia part of the Great Border Area of China.       They asked each consulate to provide its point of view and suggestions for       the next step.       During the meeting, Zhou Wenzhong shared information about the CCP       Central Governments strategic planning toward Australia and the United       States, which is related to the close ties between these two countries.       The CCP wants to break through the military union of the two countries and       turn Australia into a second France. It hopes to shape Australia into a       country that dares to say no to the United States.       China first started crafting its plan to reshape Australia when it       learned that Australia was planning to give up ties with Asia in favor of       stronger ties with the United States. At that time the free trade       negotiations between Australia and the United States were at a climax and       Australia had high hopes of being included in the North America Free Trade       Agreement (NAFTA). Meanwhile, Australia had a big court case pending with       Guangdong Province in China, concerning natural gas, which was making it       less and less popular with the Chinese government.       In March of 2003 Tang Jaixuan, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs,       visited Australia and questioned the Australian government on certain       issues, including issues related to Falun Gong. On the day before Tang       Jiaxuan arrived in Canberra, Alexander Downer, the Australian Minister for       Foreign Affairs, signed an article banning Falun Gong practitioners from       setting up signs and banners or using loud speakers to protest in front of       the Chinese embassy. Since then Downer has continued to sign similar       articles every month, which has made Tang Jiaxuan very happy.       That same year, China initiated the celebration of the 30-year       anniversary of the establishment of the relationship between China and       Australia. The Chinese government sent many groups to Australia to promote       Chinese culture and political ideology.       In 2003 when Hu Jintao visited Australia he received unprecedented       treatment in Canberra. Bob Brown, a congressmen belonging to the Greens-       the opposition party- was not allowed to enter the building where congress       was being held. This was done to prevent the attendance of dissidents and       Falun Gong practitioners that might have shown up as the congressmans       guests. Hu Jintao was delighted and commented to his staff that this was a       sign that the Australian government could be influenced.       In 2005 when Wu Bangguo visited Australia, he requested the same       treatment not to see or hear any protestors or dissidents. Next Year,       China plans to send Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to visit Australia,       and in 2007 Hu Jintao will be in Australia to attend the World Economic       Summit.       The CCP Thinks The Australian Government Can Be Bought       Over the past several years, Chinese officials have successfully built       close personal relationships with their Australian counterparts, all for       the purpose of establishing leverage in the Australian government. The CCP       is convinced that the Australian government can be coerced to follow its       aims through application of economic pressures and incentives. It plans to       use economic pressure to force Australia to cave on political and human       rights issues.       The dialogue on human rights between China and Australia over the past       several years was merely a show put on to appease the Australian public.       In fact, there was no progress made. When high-ranking Australian       officials visited China, they did not raise any human right issues. I knew       what was said during their visits, because a summary news brief of each       visit was sent to the consulate.       Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Helped the CCP to Wriggle Out of a       Difficult Lawsuit       Due to the nature of my work as a diplomat, I have witnessed many       instances of secret dealing between the Chinese and Australian       governments, and such knowledge has weighed heavily on my conscience. I       know that the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Chinese       Embassy in Canberra share all of their information with each other. The       Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs even gives suggestions to the       Chinese government on how to handle difficult political issues.       For example, Zhang Cuiying, a Falun Gong practitioner, lodged a lawsuit       in the Supreme Court of New South Wales against the former Chinese       president and the 6-10 Office for genocide, torture and crimes against       humanity. Based on an article of the national amnesty code of Australia,       the lawsuit was not handled by the Department of Foreign Affairs and       Trade, but by a special substitute process. This greatly embarrassed the       Chinese government and caused it much distress, because it did not want to       have to face Falun Gong practitioners in open court proceedings.       To help the CCP, the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade       provided several solutions. Dr. Geoff Raby, Deputy Secretary of the       Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, promised the Chinese       government that when he visited China in March, 2005 that he would ask for       the materials from the Supreme Court, cancel the lawsuit by the Falun Gong       practitioners and put an end to the charges against the Chinese leader.       Raby later regretted making this offer.       The Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade offered another solution: to       have the Chinese government send a representative to stand trial in place       of the leader, and thus expedite the lawsuit. The Chinese government did       not adopt this suggestion and instead decided to put pressure on the       ministry, which resulted in the ministrys cooperation in preparing many       legal documents to assist the CCP.       Chen ended the press conference with this comment: I have witnessed too       many secret deals between the Australian and Chinese governments. I am       really concerned that I will be betrayed. Therefore, in case I should run       into sudden misfortune, I have spoken my mind to the public.       Please see Part I, Chinese Defector Tells of Government Plot and Part       II, Chen Yonglin Describes Abduction by Chinese Agents in Australia.       (