November 2006


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Enriqueta Stone <[log in to unmask]>
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Enriqueta Stone <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 19 Nov 2006 21:41:56 -0500
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Gerald has uploaded some new software for you!

Click here to view available updated software from Gerald:

is always first, followed by PKGNAME (if necessary), CATEGORIES,
package collection is on FreeBSD's FTP server in the packages
parallel port is /dev/lpt0 to FreeBSD; the second is /dev/lpt1, and so
G       Gateway: Send anything for this destination on to this remote
28:Reading in symbols for ../../i386/i386/trap.c...done.
getting `Permission Denied' messages from the server then it is likely
If you have a bug to report or a suggestion to make:
-c appears if the job's submitted with lpr -l
file.  Users can print jobs with lpr -#5 (for example) and get five
21.2.1.  Unpacking the Mathematica distribution
Your choice of local and remote addresses for your SLIP links depends
These lines provide kernel support for various filesystems and other
set modem hayes
($user) show
The Notebook front end is known to hang sometimes when reading
ences to a particular section of the on-line manual are traditionally
Note that if you already have a Linux shared library with a matching
two-way communication with the printer, which lprps needs), you can
b. If ${HAS_CONFIGURE} or ${GNU_CONFIGURE} is set,
man pages.
        common use of this is the XSHM extension in X Windows, which
``links''), and ethernet hardware addresses.
38:#0  0xf01ae729 in pcopen (dev=3072, flag=3, mode=8192, p=(struct p\
end-of-file key for the printer so it knows it received the whole
Information Protocol), which figures out routes to local hosts based
`key' command to generate a number of one-time passwords in the same
                      DLAB should be done with interrupts
        (512 bytes) of free space there has to be for a remote job to be
that travel over UDP, and what useful traffic there is is normally
have more than one machine to administer then think of it not simply
exports"), and "/project" will be the mount point on the client for
The configuration file /etc/skey.access can be used to configure
Line 3:
up|V9600|High Speed Modem at 9600,8-bit:\
Net/2 users would be strongly encouraged to switch.  This included us,
(i.e., you get given one IP address, and always use that one) or
Note: there can be only one restricted group per printer.
23   -    CH     111  DSRS DTE  Data Signal Rate Selector
o  Adaptec AIC-6360 based boards, which includes the AHA-152x and
Audio Tape), QIC (Quarter-Inch Cartridge), DLT (Digital Linear Tape),
It is important to understand that a simple count of differences from
to disassemble the first 0x10 instructions of foofunc, and display
A concerted effort at support for portable computers.  This is
Most devices in the kernel are accessed through ``device special
pseudo-device pty number
        NFS mounts your server:~you/FreeBSD as /nfs, chroots to /nfs and
If your changes do not express themselves well as diffs alone (e.g.
automatically applied.  All patches should be relative to ${WRKSRC}
When you get an address space assigned to your site, your service
the FreeBSD Project actively encourages such participation by
will make the port much more flexible and able to cater to the needs
It sets the filter's standard input to the file to print, its standard
have the keyword `mail' in their descriptions.  This is actually func-
system, you may wish to skip to section ``Setting up the spooling
        3, 5, 6 and 7 are usable on PC/AT systems.
an entry in their /etc/printcap files with the following:
distribution centre''. The words ``admin server'' following a hosts
both your printer hardware and the LPD software.  This document
high range Pentium server and workstation systems.  If you're really in the directory /pub/gated; I believe the
2. The version string should be a period-separated list of integers
Contributed by Guy Helmer <>.
Here is a config snippet from a machine with a Digi International PC/8
subnet.  This configuration, with the machine acting as a Bridge
o  Danpex           EN-9400P3
serial, prefer the parallel interface.  It keeps a serial port free
        systems with more than 16 megabytes of memory.
dollars, though, not hundredths of cents.  For example,
purpose.  So, simple huh?
The DMA will then let the device that requested the DMA transfer know
lprps.  lprps is a PostScript printer filter which performs two-way
You will be prompted for the database Master Password.
number to which to connect as the second argument to netprint.  Note
system and general navigation.  If you have not used this menu
1.3.    FreeBSD Project goals
not reflect the current performance of the given product from a
The Mathematica Notebook feature is included separately, as the X
57:(kgdb) up
if they try to print to the controlled printer.
o       Expansive security and access options
sender and receiver must agree on timing parameters in advance and
output at\13
in it somewhere. The stock GENERIC kernel has this as standard, so if
# cd ../../compile/MYKERNEL
A description of the I/O ports of the 8250/16450/16550 UART is
PORTSDIR=.../ports PREFIX=.../local make install
This is a DDS-DC tape drive.    DDS-DC is DDS-1 with hardware data
        LPD checks to see if an incoming request is from a host listed
affected by it.
compression on a 14.4 Kbps modem, you need to use a higher
        Now you run FreeBSD diskless, even though you do not control the
o  Sony proprietary interface (scd)
``skeleton'' for the port. Now this might sound like rather a fiddly
options  USERCONFIG          #Allow user configuration with -c XXX
of course to define a Write command for a scanner.
serial port (/dev/ttyd0, for our example).  The command ps ax might
Sometimes this form of Break is used as an Attention or Interrupt
1.  Dial to the remote host using kermit ( or other modem program )
ctm_rmail program to unpack and apply them.  You can actually use the
www.adaptec) and answered NO to the question whether the disk
controller and drive documentation to see if things match.
0x00 read Channel 0 current address
The sio driver provides support for NS8250-, NS16450-, NS16550 and
directories mentioned will be relative to the main /usr/src/sys
The idle time between Stop and Start bits does not have to be an exact
"N"  DIP  (dual inline package) through hole straight lead type
and the pre-build script will be executed before the default build
        controller ncr0
options SYSVSEM
ifconfig ppp0 down
        writes to any address below 16Meg.  When the peripheral is
23.  Obtaining FreeBSD
the conversion of specific file formats, such as graphic or